‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Christine Admits To Kody & The Wives She’s ‘Exhausted’ After Ysabel’s Surgery

Christine gives an update about Ysabel after her back surgery when Kody and the wives come to visit in this EXCLUSIVE 'Sister Wives' preview.

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Christine Brown
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“They’ve been gone for 6 weeks. I was very disappointed I wasn’t able to go, but now that it’s done, we’ll see how she’s feeling about it all now,” Kody Brown says about Christine and daughter Ysabel Brown in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the December 19 episode of Sister Wives.

When Kody checks in on Christine, she admits that she’s “exhausted.” Janelle Brown asks if there’s any way she can help Christine and Ysabel at all. She knows what it’s like to care for a child after surgery and how grueling it would be.

Christine Brown
Christine Brown in the December 19 episode. (TLC)

“Ysabel would feel guilty if she knew how exhausted I am,” Christine admits. “And this is the most important job that I have, to take care of my kids, and take care of her. That’s why it’s just stupid to complain. It’s just stupid to complain. I hate it when I even do it.”

Christine and Ysabel traveled to New Jersey so Ysabel could have surgery to correct the curve in her spine. Kody opted not to go with them “I think it’s risky. I’d also feel like a total hypocrite if I break the rules that I’m asking and begging everybody to keep,” he admitted in the December 12 episode.

Robyn Brown and Meri Brown also show up at Christine’s visit to get an update about Ysabel. Ysabel comes out to sit with the family. They all notice that she’s taller. Ysabel reveals that she’s an inch taller after her back surgery, putting her at 5 feet 11 inches. She’s now taller than Kody!

Christine Brown
Christine and Ysabel talk with Kody and the wives. (TLC)

Robyn brings up that the Browns are very competitive, even when it comes to height. “There’s this weird thing that happens,” Robyn explains. “I feel like a lot of the kids are very competitive and moms are competitive. I don’t know if it’s a polygamy thing or a sense of competition in the family that’s been fostered. I’m not really into it. So height is one of them. Height is one of the competitive points.” Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.