Jon Stewart Calls Out Trump For Tweeting White Power Video: He’s The ‘Greatest Agent Of Chaos’

Jon Stewart didn't mince words while speaking out against Donald Trump, blasting him for retweeting a white power video, and warning voters what four more years of his presidency could bring.

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Jon Stewart urged voters to consider what’s at stake during the November 2020 presidential election, saying on The View that Donald Trump is the “greatest agent of chaos” in the United States. The former Daily Show host, 57, said that Trump’s disastrous response to the coronavirus crisis is just one of his shortcomings, and that him remaining president could be just as disastrous. “Which is bananas,” he noted.

Jon, who was on the show to promote his political satire Irresistible, addressed the president’s horrifying behavior on Twitter days prior. Trump tweeted a video of counter-protesters in Florida yelling at Black Lives Matter demonstrators. One man goes by in a golf cart while repeatedly yelling, “white power!” The president deleted the tweet and insisted that he didn’t hear that part. Jon, like many, wasn’t buying it. I think he hears ‘white power’ all the time,” he joked, tapping on his head. “So he thinks it’s coming from somewhere else. It’s like Muzak.”

He explained that while he initially didn’t support former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 race — he was more of a Bernie Bro or Warren Guy — he’s all in now. Much of that support has to do with considering the alternative, another four years of Trump destroying democracy. “This is going to be the single most divisive campaign we’ve ever seen,” Jon said. “He’s going to be [unintelligible] Nixon. He’s going to be all fear mongering. You see it right now. He’s going to be sitting in his basement tweeting out trolling videos. That’s just how it’s going to be.”

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But Biden? He’s humble. “I just feel like we’re in such pain. There’s so much anguish… I think with Biden, he’s faced great hardship and grief. I think grief humbles a person, and there’s no artifice to that. I think we need a leader right now of humility. We certainly have the antithesis of that [with Trump].”

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