‘Hightown’ Preview: Junior Feels Immense Guilt In The Wake Of Krista’s Death

Junior can't shake what happened with Krista Collins in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 21 episode of 'Hightown.' The guilt overwhelms him and Donna notices.

Junior is just lying in bed trying to grapple with what went down with Osito and Krista Collins in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of Hightown. Junior’s baby daughter is crying, and he can’t even get up out of bed. He’s still so shaken.

Donna asks Junior what’s wrong with him. “I’m such a f**king piece of sh*t,” Junior says. Donna kind of laughs off what Junior just said. “It’s true. I don’t deserve you guys,” he continues.

Shane Harper
Shane Harper and Atkins Estimond in episode 5 of ‘Hightown.’ (Starz)

Donna’s worry immediately increases. She asks Junior what happened. She wonders if he’s using again. Junior says that he’s not. For Donna, as long as he’s still sober, then everything will be OK. “Whatever it is, you’ll fix it,” she tells him. It’s clear that Junior doesn’t think that’s possible.

In episode 5, Krista Collins’ story came to a gruesome end. Frankie wanted Krista dead, and Osito wanted Junior to help facilitate that. He gave Junior a bag of drugs that would kill Krista. Junior went to Krista’s motel room to watch her shoot up. Eventually, Krista got spooked and wanted Junior to leave.

Osito showed up, and that’s when things took a brutal turn. A fight ensued and the men tried to forcibly inject the needle with the drugs into Krista’s arm, but the needle broke. Osito refused to let Krista leave that room alive, so he beat Krista to death with an iron while Junior watched.

Shane Harper
Shane Harper stars as Junior in ‘Hightown.’ (Starz)

Throughout the season, Junior has tried hard to stay clean so he can provide a better life for Donna and his daughter. However, it has led him down a dangerous path. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Shane Harper about Junior’s complicated journey.

“He loves them so much. But also his love for them is not really placed in the right way,” Shane said about Junior’s love for Donna and his kid. “It’s almost causing him to end up doing the wrong things, too. It’s kind of fascinating because he’s kind of swept up in what he thinks loving them means, which is providing a house and having certain things they don’t have. He wants to make that extra money and put them in a position where they can be comfortable financially. I think the sensitivities that he has in his life cause him to really just want to be able to earn love. He wants to feel love, and it’s hard for him because he deals with so much shame.” Hightown airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on STARZ.

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