‘Jersey Shore’: Angelina Intimately Grabs Vinny Just 1 Day Before Her Wedding & Blames It On God

Angelina Pivarnick got a handful of her longtime friend and co-star, Vinny Guadagnino, on the June 4 episode of 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.' Her future groom witnessed the accidental crotch touch!

Angelina Pivarnick, Vinny Guadagnino
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Image Credit: MTV

There have long been jokes of sexual tension between Angelina Pivarnick, 33, and Vinny Guadagnino, 32, but they got a little too real on the June 4 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Angelina and her wedding party gathered for the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night’s episode, which went smoothly. Everyone was in high spirits, and the cast chatted away. At one point, while Angelina and Vinny were standing next to one other, the unthinkable happened: Angelina tripped and accidentally grabbed Vinny’s crotch.

Vinny was a bit stunned, of course. Making this moment even more uncomfortable was the fact that Chris Larangeira, Angelina’s fiancé, witnessed this crotch-grabbing incident all go down. Vinny tried to downplay everything, saying life has no accidents. Angelina played along. She reasoned that God wanted this to happen, and continued the joke into her confessional, saying this was God showing her a sign to have some pre-wedding fun (the nuptials were just one day away, FYI).

However, Angelina made sure to clarify that she merely tripped — not intentionally leaned over to touch Vinny’s private business. Regardless, Vinny couldn’t help but point out that she touched his manhood and even leaned his face forward, ready for a kiss from Angelina, when she was too shy to smooch her own fiancé later at dinner.

Fans lost it over Angelina and Vinny’s unplanned moment of intimacy. “Angelina did the stumble on Vinny on purpose,” one MTV viewer tweeted, and another fan wrote, “You know Angelina secretly loved accidentally grabbing Vinny’s package [laughing emoji].”

Angelina and Vinny did hook up in the past, but Angelina’s heart is solely with Chris now — they tied the knot in Nov. 2019! Regardless, Angelina and Vinny have still been able to laugh about their unique relationship, as you can see. Vinny even jokingly referred to Angelina as his “sexual partner” during a dinner toast on the May 7 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, but clarified that he actually sees her as a “sister.”

“He’s in love with me,” Angelina teased in a confessional after Vinny’s touching toast. “I think when I walk down the aisle he’s going to be like….f–k, my chance is officially over.”

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