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‘Batwoman’s Nicole Kang Teases Mary & Kate’s ‘Beautiful Sister Bonding Moment’ & More

'Batwoman' is back with its most intense episode yet. HL spoke with Nicole Kang about Mary and Kate's 'beautiful' moment in the April 26 episode, the possibility of a Mary and Luke romance, and more.

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Nicole Kang
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Batwoman returns with a brand-new episode of April 26 after a brief hiatus, and it’s worth the wait. Batwoman encounters a new challenge when an old villain resurfaces, testing the heroics of Gotham’s most stand-up citizens. The episode appears to give us that emotional Mary and Kate moment we’ve been craving. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Nicole Kang about where Kate is at when the show picks up and how Mary is the one to give Kate the “pep talk” she needs when she’s down.

“I think Kate has a lot of weight on her shoulders, and I think it starts to physically manifest in her,” Nicole said. “Like any human being, which is the amazing part of the Batman/Batwoman hero, underneath the mask there’s someone very human dealing with a really delicate mental health and all of this trauma resurfacing. I really think that it all comes crashing down. She has to own the fact that she’s killed someone, which is Batman’s code, and we deal with that. This is also Kate really distinguishing herself from Bruce. She is not the woman version of Bruce. She’s completely different. And what makes her different than Alice? How is she different and was it just the luck of the accident that one went down one road and the other went down the other? Are they exactly the same? So with that internal struggle, an old villain comes back. This big bad is just wreaking havoc on Gotham and we see the city without Batwoman. It needs her and that’s clear to the citizens of Gotham, but most of all Mary. She was the number one ally and number one fangirl before she knew it was her sister. She is Kate’s number one fangirl supporter. She loves and admires her. I think it’s hard for Mary to watch her sister do nothing or feel as though she can do nothing. She’s still this hero icon in Mary’s eyes. We get to see a side of Mary that I’ve never explored before, so I’m really excited to see this episode because we have a lot of verbose fun with Mary spilling the tea all over Gotham, and then we see her other medical side helping people. I really felt like I watched her grow up In front of me. It was amazing because she really tells Kate what to do. She gives her this amazing pep talk that I hope that somebody would give me. I think that it’s just such a beautiful sister bonding moment.”

Will this episode be the one where Mary finally tells Kate that she knows about her Batwoman identity? Time will tell. Nicole discussed why she thinks Mary has kept Kate’s secret so close to her chest. “I think in a lot of cinema and TV, we learn information so then we expect everybody to then know that everybody knows that everybody knows information,” Nicole said. “But really, you don’t want to out somebody. I think Mary doesn’t want to out her sister. I think that’s part of it. And then she had that twist your heart moment with Alice. She’s like, ‘Do you know?’ Alice says, ‘Oh, yeah. I know. She hasn’t told you.’ That really hurts because she is never sure about how close she and Kate really are. It’s just another really complicated layer of their stepsister relationship.”

In addition, Mary and Luke’s quest to find Lucious Fox’s killer will continue after Reggie’s shocking murder. Mary teased that this is the beginning of cracking Luke’s “really big character arc.” She continued: “I think we start to question who wanted Reggie dead. It just shows that our assumption of guilt is crazy. It makes us so angry. Before we dig deep enough for the truth, we’re so desperate to find the answer and lay it at rest. It’s such a part of our grieving process that when those things are uncovered or stones are left unturned, I think it flips our world upside down.”

Mary was by Luke’s side during Reggie’s trial and was an incredible source of comfort for him. Fans have already started shipping these two in a romantic relationship. Mary weighed in about the possibility. “I feel like that relationship can go anywhere,” Nicole told HollywoodLife. “But like with Mary learning about Batwoman, there’s nothing fast about our show. I think one of the strengths of our show that I don’t want to undercut is our writers’ incredible, diligent character building. I honestly don’t think they know and me and Cam don’t know the answer. But we do see them dealing with some crazy things, and now they’ve both got dead parents who were murdered. That’s a crazy trauma bond and, in Mary’s nature, she provides emotional support. She sees Luke as someone who doesn’t have emotional support anywhere. Nobody else showed up for the trial. He’s definitely the strong front for his mother who can’t be there. Right now, I think it’s about emotional support. I think they’re building a real relationship. I’m really excited to see them work together. I’m really excited to see Mary get on his nerves. I’m really excited to see Mary do things her own way. I’m really excited to see Mary shake it up in there with the ghosts and the spiderwebs of Batman’s past. I think the two of them really inject a sense of life and new things and possibility. Of course, I would love to see Mary on the Bat team. Those things, to me, are more interesting than maybe the romantic relationship that may come soon, may come later, may never come at all. I’m excited to see what gets in the middle of it and how their relationship grows organically.” Batwoman airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on The CW.