‘This Is Us’ Recap: Rebecca Gets A New Diagnosis & Randall Vents In Therapy

Rebecca finally gets the test results of her MRI during the Feb. 25 episode of 'This Is Us.' Plus, Randall goes to therapy and makes some shocking confessions.

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This Is Us
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After their weekend together, Toby and Jack have truly bonded. He says that the weekend was a “godsend.” Toby tells Kate that he has a surprise for her. He is turning the garage into a music studio for Jack. As Toby is explaining everything, Kate tells him to stop. She says she’s going to need time after everything that’s happened, but she later comes back around. Kate also has brunch with Madison, who word vomits about her night with Kevin. She swears it won’t happen again.

Kevin goes to see Rebecca and she soon realizes that he knows about her diagnosis. They decide to spend the day together before her latest doctor’s appointment. They go to a record store and find Joni Mitchell’s old house. This is part of Rebecca’s whole carpe diem mentality.

Meanwhile, Randall decides to go to therapy. He explains what’s been happening in his life to his therapist, who actually knows who he is because she’s listened to his speeches. Randall feels uncomfortable that she knows who he is, but he doesn’t leave. He talks about his panic attacks and his relationships with his two fathers. When the therapist asks about Rebecca, that’s when things take a turn. Randall stresses that he’s here for control issues, while the therapist believes he’s trying to steer the conversation away from Rebecca.

Rebecca and Kevin have the best time together. “You make everything fun,” she tells him. Rebecca says that Kevin has this way of making people forget about their worries and sometimes that’s the best thing you can do. After they’re done at Joni’s old house, she wants food. Kevin doesn’t want her to miss her appointment and continue to enforce the narrative that he’s not dependable. She doesn’t want today to end. But Kevin knows they have to face reality. Kevin goes with Rebecca and Miguel to get the MRI results. Her mild cognitive impairment was likely caused by Alzheimer’s. After the appointment, Rebecca begs Kevin to not treat her any differently.

Randall tells his therapist that he’s the only one who can take care of Rebecca. “If it wasn’t for me, this whole family would have fallen apart,” he says. His therapist replies, “Would they?” That’s when Randall gets up and walks out in frustration. He goes home to Beth and admits that he doesn’t think therapy is right for him at the moment. Beth pleads with him to try again. She wants him to go for her and explains why she didn’t let him go through her purse earlier. She’s been having trouble coping with the robbery, too. However, she feels like she couldn’t tell him because she thought he might crack. Beth says that she needs to be able to tell him what she’s feeling.

Randall goes back to therapy for Beth. His therapist is revealed as guest star Pamela Adlon. Toby takes Kate back to the studio and says this place is for her as well. The show flashes forward through the years as Jack learns to play music. The older version of Jack from the season 4 premiere is featured again as well.

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