’68 Whiskey’ Sneak Peek: Alvarez Reveals She’s Leaving & Roback Refuses To Say Goodbye

Alvarez rocks Roback's world when she reveals that she's leaving in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of '68 Whiskey.'

Roback and Davis are just hanging out in this EXCLUSIVE 68 Whiskey sneak peek when Alvarez arrives to deliver some shocking news: she is leaving. She has come to say goodbye before she heads out on a world tour. Alvarez has no idea who is replacing her. Roback is taken aback by the news and wonders if there’s anything Alvarez can do to change her new assignment. Alvarez stresses that she’s already thought of and tried everything.

Davis gets up and hugs Alvarez. They joke that they’re not going to miss each other. When Alvarez is ready for Roback’s goodbye, he just can’t do it. “No, this is bullsh*t,” Roback says. “I’m not going to let them break up the band and stick you in a f**king detention center just because some a**hole in Washington wants to get reelected.”

Roback is taking this way harder than Alvarez expected. “God, you’re making this so much harder than it has to be. Just say goodbye and wish me luck, dammit!” she tells him. Roback refuses to say goodbye to Alvarez. “I’m going to figure this one out,” he says. Alvarez quips, “Well, while you’re figuring it out, I’ll be on a world tour.” Before she walks out the door, Roback stops her. He’s thought of something. It better be good. The Jan. 21 episode of 68 Whiskey is titled “Finger Lickin’ Good.”

68 Whiskey, which chronicles the lives of a diverse group of Army medics stationed in Afghanistan, stars Sam Keeley, Gage Golightly, Cristina Rodlo, Jeremy Tardy, Derek Theler, Nicholas Coombe, Lamont Thompson, and Beth Riesgraf. The series, which is executive produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Paramount Network.

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