John Stamos Mentions ‘Prince Albert’ During ‘Little Mermaid Live!’ & Fans Are So Confused

Did John Stamos really just say what we think he said? Fans went wild on Twitter after the 'Fuller House' star botched Prince Eric's name during 'Little Mermaid Live!'

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Image Credit: ABC

As much as we love Disney’s live musicals on ABC, they’re never perfect, nor do we expect them to be — it is live TV, after all. And this year’s Little Mermaid Live! proved to be no different when John Stamos, who played Chef Louis, accidentally referred to Ariel’s love interest, Prince Eric, as Prince Albert… which is also a popular term for a penis piercing. At the end of his “Les Poissons” performance, viewers heard John joke, “I knew I should have played Prince Albert.” He quickly added an “or Eric” at the end to fix it, but the damage was done, and fans were quick to mock his mistake on Twitter.

“In case you missed it, #TheLittleMermaidLive was basically the original movie, with highlights consisting of Shaggy wearing Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket, John Stamos mentioning Prince Albert and Queen Latifah showing us she is still the Queen,” one fan wrote, while another said, “Died when John Stamos said Prince Albert instead of Prince Eric.” One fan even made a joke about a “Prince Albert” being a penis piercing and said, “I think John Stamos told the world he has a Prince Albert.” Clearly, viewers had a good laugh over the flub, and so did we.

But even though John flubbed one of his lines, he still did an amazing job and deserves so much praise. It can’t be easy to do a live show, knowing millions of people are watching, and do everything perfectly. And hey — who knows — maybe John threw that joke in there on purpose to see who was listening? He certainly got our attention.

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