‘GUHHNY’ Preview: Madina & The Crew Flip When It Looks Like Jojo Is Getting Arrested

Madina and the crew are just having a chat in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Growing Up Hip Hop: New York' when suddenly they find out that Jojo is getting arrested outside.

Madina Milana, Da’Zyna, and the crew are just having dinner at a restaurant when things take a drastic turn in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Oct. 10 episode of GUHHNY. Vina Love is talking about the issues she’s been having with her dad, rapper and producer Kid Capri. She tells Madina and Da’Zyna that she doesn’t know how to communicate with her dad about her music. A producer cuts into their conversation and tells them that Jojo Simmons is getting arrested outside. Madina nearly falls to the ground as she rushes to see what’s going on.

They all look outside and see the police at Jojo’s car. They’re asking the men to get out of the car to be searched. More police continue to arrive on the scene. One of the passengers in the car is put in handcuffs. Jojo then gets out of the car and patted down by police. The crew can’t see close enough to see if Jojo is actually getting arrested, but they do see and hear the sirens go off and the police car driving away. This does not look good.

The synopsis for the Oct. 10 episode reads, “JoJo’s showcase runs amok and things take a drastic turn when the police get involved. Da’Zyna is pushed over the edge and throws in the towel on managing Quan. Fat Joe questions if Ryan can master the stage. Kid Capri stops Siaani in her tracks.”

The show also stars Ja Rule and children Jeff Bruce Atkins Jr. and Brittney Atkins; Murder Inc. mogul Irv Gotti and children, Angie Pearson and Jonathan “JJ” Wilson LorenzoFat Joe with son Ryan Cartagena; famed rapper Charli Baltimore and daughter DJ SiaaniYoung Dirty Bastard, son of the late Old Dirty Bastard; and rapper and actress Lil’ Mama and her brother Arnstar. Growing Up Hip Hop: New York airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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