‘AMLT’ Star Chandler Riggs: PJ’s Quest For The Truth About Jon Makes Him Start ‘Crumbling Apart’

PJ's journey is just beginning on 'A Million Little Things.' HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chandler Riggs about PJ's quest for answers and what he loves most about working on the show.

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PJ made a shocking discovery in the season 1 finale of A Million Little Things when he found a video that Jon had sent to his mother, Barbara, before he committed suicide. In the video, Jon apologized for leaving Barbara when she needed him the most. The video sparked a lot of questions for PJ and he’s already suspicious that his parents are keeping something from him. “With the discovery of that video, it kind of sends him crumbling apart and really on this quest to just get those questions answered,” Chandler Riggs told HollywoodLife during a recent set visit. He added: “He’s really just looking for anything he can find out about Jon.”

Chandler teased that PJ’s “got a lot of ups and a lot of downs throughout the season. Those ups and downs, again, are like real things that happen to people and if he thinks if it’s going to go one direction and that this one thing will solve everything… sometimes it doesn’t. That’s how it is in real life.” Chandler said that his “favorite part” about playing PJ is that he’s a “very real” character. “Everything that he’s going through and everything that he does is extremely relatable, at least to me, and I feel like to most people in real life,” he continued.

The actor revealed that we’ll “definitely” see a lot more of Rome and PJ in season 2. However, PJ’s main goal is to get those answers that he’s seeking about Jon and finding out what his parents are keeping from him. “He wants answers but he’s still uncertain about what they might be. He gets kind of obsessed with it but still doesn’t know for sure,” Chandler said. Barbara and PJ’s adoptive father, Mitch, have yet to reveal the identity of PJ’s real father. While PJ’s father seemingly appears to be Dave, Barbara’s ex and Jon’s best friend who died on 9/11, Jon’s video has given way to the theory that Jon may actually be PJ’s father.

All in all, Chandler is excited for fans to “really connect” with PJ this season. A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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