Kate Gosselin Shares New Pics Of 6 Kids & Fans Are Confused About Where Collin & Hannah Are

Kate Gosselin gushed over how much fun she had with her 6 kids on a family trip in new photos on Oct. 2. After fans noticed Hannah and Collin were absent from the pics, the 'sad' 'Kate Plus 8' star revealed why the two stayed behind.

Kate Gosselin out with daughters Cara & Mady
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Kate Gosselin and her six kids — twins Madelyn and Cara, 18, and 15-year-old sextuplets Leah, Aaden, Alexis, Joel — recently took an adventurous family trip in a new college tour episode of TLC’s Kate Plus 8. The reality star mom, 44, shared photos from the trip and expressed how much fun everyone had riding riding go karts and walking in the rain. However, fans were quick to point out that two of the sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, were missing from the photos.

Kate was quick to address one of the two absences in a confessional during the Kate Plus 8′s latest episode. “So I noticed Hannah’s not here right now,” a producer asked the mother of eight. “She’s with her dad [Jon Gosselin] and she was not able to come,” Kate replied, making no mention of Collin’s whereabouts. “And that’s sad. That’s the second trip here, actually, for us that she hasn’t been with us.”

Kate continued in the confessional: “Hannah … it was sad for us because … you know, they’re getting older, and they’re making different choices, and they’re doing different things. And she opted to stay back with her dad, actually. Which again, you know, her choice. Whatever. It’s not optimal for Mom. But it’s something that I support. And you know, we just, adjust and move on.” 

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Both Hannah and Collin currently live with their dad. Jon reportedly removed his son from Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute in 2018 after Collin allegedly begged for help. Collin had been in the special needs institution since 2016, despite only being diagnosed with ADHD.

Fans of the longtime famous family were first introduced to Gosselin clan during their hit reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8 in 2007). Jon and Kate welcomed twins Madelyn and Cara in 2000, followed by sextuplets Hannah, Collin, Leah, Aaden, Alexis, Joel and Leah, in 2004. The now former couple split for good in 2009 after a decade of marriage.

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