Khloe Kardashian ‘Respects’ Wendy Williams & Her Support: Why She ‘Could Never’ Get Back With Tristan

Khloe Kardashian appreciates talk show diva Wendy Williams for coming to her defense after ex, Tristan Thompson, tried to shoot his shot at the reality star!

Khloe Kardashian respects Wendy Williams support
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Wendy Williams, 55, clearly took sides when she slammed Tristan Thompson, 28, for leaving flirty comments on ex Khloe Kardashian‘s Instagram on Sept. 21. And the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is appreciating the talk show host for speaking up in her defense. A source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Khloe “respects” Wendy’s stance after Tristan left a simple heart-eyes emoji, along with the now-deleted compliment, “perfection,” under Khloe’s Instagram photo which showed the reality star trying to recreate a look by the late Anna Nicole Smith. “Khloe really respects Wendy Williams for showing her support when it comes to Tristan trying to win her back,” the insider explained.

“At the end of the day, Khloe has been through the toughest times with Tristan already and there’s nothing he can do or say to win her back at this point,” the pal added. “Of course, it feels nice to have Tristan try and win Khloe back after everything he’s done, but Khloe could never imagine getting back with him. Not only because of the disrespect he has shown her and their relationship, but as a message for her daughter, True Thompson, that she doesn’t need any man to validate her self worth. Too much has happened between Khloe and Tristan and all she cares about is focusing on a healthy co-parenting relationship with him for the sake of their daughter.”

Another source close to the mom-of-one mirrored the sentiment and said, “Khloe finds the attention flattering but what she really appreciates is that Tristan has been stepping up for True. Her daughter’s well being is what she cares about above all so she is very happy they are in a good place. But she is assuring everyone that they will never get back together.” Despite Tristan deleting his flirty comment from Khloe’s Instagram, he left another response to a series of sexy bikini snapshots of the reality star with three red heart emojis. Looks as though the NBA star isn’t backing down from his affections anytime soon!

HollywoodLife spoke with a third insider who shared, “Tristan doesn’t have a legit chance on getting back with Khloe, but Khloe loves seeing that he is trying because it shows her that he knows what he lost. She’s never going to block him from social media and always wants him to be a great father and will always look at him to take that torch in the future but no matter how much he flirts or tries to get Khloe’s heart again, nothing will work so she agrees with Wendy Williams assertions that he should stay away from trying to get back with her. Khloe wants him to be a great father and that is it.”

“Tristan is still bothering Khloe,” Wendy said on her Sept. 24 show about the initial comment the Cavaliers player left on Khloe’s sultry snap. “My thought is that Tristan and Khloe will always have to be involved with each other in some sort of way because they have that baby,” she explained of the former couple’s 1-year-old daughter. Later on in her rant, Wendy said there’s only one thing left for Tristan to do. “Leave her alone!” she demanded of the basketball player adding that he should move on. “She’s obviously done with you,” Wendy said about Khloe.

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