Kiiara Teases ‘Personal’ New Album Following The Release Of ‘Open My Mouth’: ‘It’s Been Years Coming’

The singer EXCLUSIVELY caught up with HollywoodLife to share why her forthcoming album will hold some of her most personal songs yet!

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Image Credit: Paige Kindlick

Kiiara, 24, instantly won fans over with her smash “Gold,” and further captivated with her feature on Linkin Park’s “Heavy,”but the singer is now welcoming a new chapter with open arms. Her latest single, “Open My Mouth,” is a fierce anthem for the outspoken side in all of us. Following the release, HollywoodLife caught up with the songstress to hear about the deeper meaning behind the track and what else we can expect from her new album — arriving soon!

“It’s kind of me letting everyone in on who I really am,” Kiiara says of her new single. Like when I open my mouth I like fuck shit up. You know? I’ll make stuff really awkward and don’t mean to. So, it’s just a way for the video portrays who I really am or like, this is what I’m feeling. So, when I’m destroying the runway, ripping the flowers, throwing them. It’s like what I’ve bottled up inside, you know. That was why for years, I had the quote on quote “mystery.” It’s because I have anxiety, like so much anxiety that I’ve struggled for years. And never really spoke on it or anything until now.”

The honest singer shared a vibrant, glitter-filled visual to match her message, and the clip spoke for itself. “It’s kind of just like my dream world,” she said when asked about the video, which was styled by famed designer Christian Cowan. So, how did the two link up? “We’re friends, we started working together maybe a couple years ago. He styled me and this is actually the third video. The first was ‘Complicated,'” she explained.

Paige Kindlick

While her love for Christian Cowan has led to a number of video collabs, Kiiara’s love of fashion is all consuming. “Right now I love Alice & OliviaAlexandre Vauthier, Alexander Wang,” she tells us when chatting about her favorite designers.

Of course, music is her first love and she’s got plenty of it in the works. “It’s been years coming,” she excitedly says. “I feel bad but like with this album they’ll be able to just see what I’ve gone through over the past three years. To be able to see just the growth between Low Kii Savage and the new album that doesn’t have a title yet. That’s the last thing I do. Like the night before at 2 am. I’ll like blurt something out and that’s the title,” she says with a laugh.

For fans wondering what they can expect from the new album, Kiiara’s ready to share more of herself than ever before. “I would say just you know, I’m really sharing who I am and what I’ve gone through and it’s just really personal to me.”

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