FKA Twigs Drops A Trippy New Video For ‘Cellophane’ & Fans Are Freaking Out — Watch

FKA Twigs' fans are losing it as the singer and visual artist just dropped her first new music since 2016, including a sublime video where she dances on a stripper pole to the ethereal tune 'Cellophane.'

FKA Twigs has made her return to music in a very big way! On April 24 she dropped the single “Cellophane” and the trippy music video that accompanies it has fans abuzz. Since the 31-year-old wears so many hats, including singer, songwriter, dancer and visual performance artist, she put all of those talents to work in the vid that you will not be able to peel your eyes away from. The song itself is a soft ballad with some soaring high notes, and in the music video she shows off her newfound skills at pole dancing.

She’s first seen entering a golden-lit stage to the sound of applause, where she drops a robe to reveal a gold, red, and blue bra with leafy overlays and tiny matching bottoms. Her 5 inch high clear platform heels click against the stage and it’s not until 56 seconds into the video that the song begins. And when it does, look out! Twigs — real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett — shows her amazing flexibility — as well as insanely toned body — in a series slow ground moves before twirling on the pole in a series of very difficult positions, including inverting and holding incredibly tricky poses.

About two minutes in the ceiling opens up in a series of white heavenly draping, where she uses the pole to ascent to a winged creature, and as she reaches her leg out to it while singing “All wrapped in cellophane, the feelings that we had,” it envelops Twigs. She then begins a long, twirling descent sequence before dropping down a deep hole and landing in mud. Creatures that go on to reveal human faces come crawling from the shadows to help rub mud on her skin and the video concludes with Twigs looking into the camera in a close up and breathing deeply. Chills!!!

This masterpiece of a song and video has been months in the making. As early August of 2018 she shared a black and white social media photo of her working a pole, then she treated fans to a full IG live session in November of that year her showing off how her natural dancer skills had translated onto such graceful pole work. She tweeted recently that “When I wrote cellophane over a year ago a visual narrative came to me immediately, I knew I had to learn how to pole-dance to bring it to life, and so that’s what I did. thank you @Andrew_T_Huang, for elevating my vision beyond words. you are a visionary.” Bravo to both of them for such a stunning video to go along with her first solo single release since 2016’s “Good to Love.”

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