‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Says She Wants To Quit The Show After Threats From Jenelle’s Mom

Jenelle and Barbara Evans landed in some hot water during the April 15 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', when they went on Instagram Live and talked about wanting to 'kill' Kailyn Lowry.

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Kailyn Lowry told a Teen Mom 2 producer that she wanted to quit the show, during the April 15 episode of the series, after Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara, went on Instagram Live and told the world that they wanted to “kill Kail”. While the threat was first reported in January 2019, this was the first time fans saw how Kailyn reacted to the situation, and as evidenced by this week’s episode, she was not happy about Barbara’s behavior. In the rant, which was captured on a live Instagram video, Barbara could be heard yelling, “Let’s get the boxed wine out,” before suggesting she, her daughter, and Briana DeJesus’ sister Brittany DeJesus “get lit and we’ll go kill Kail.”

And after recapping the the rant with a producer, Kailyn said she didn’t want to be part of a franchise that allows “that type of behavior.” It’s no secret that Jenelle and Kailyn don’t get along, but this threat took things to another level. In fact, Barbara apologized for her threat, which she said was a “joke”, but Kailyn didn’t care. Kailyn wanted Barbara fired from the show, and Barbara couldn’t understand why she was so “pissed off”. But her theory was that it’s a “jealousy thing”, and Jenelle agreed. “I think she’s envious of us, and us reconnecting, and none of her family wants anything to do with her. No one does because of the way she is. She’s stupid. She just wants her own show. She wants to kick everyone off and eliminate them one by one,” Jenelle said.

Meanwhile, Kailyn and Jo celebrated Isaac‘s 9th birthday with some cake and a joint get together at her house. While there, they reminisced about what it was like when she gave birth to him, and footage from her 16 & Pregnant episode flashed across the TV screen. Fortunately, since they already hashed out their child support issue last week, things went pretty smoothly.

And speaking of birthdays, Briana visited John for his 27th, and they celebrated with some cake with his family and friends. She also talked to him about meeting her family, and he seemed cool about it, but we have a feeling that Briana’s mom is going to grill him pretty hard.

And finally, Leah visited her doctor for some new birth control since she and Jason said they weren’t ready to have a baby together. Leah didn’t want to get her tubes tied, though, because she said that one day she would like to have another child with the man she hopefully spends the rest of her life with.

Oh, and Chelsea and Cole started design work on their new diaper bag line.

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