Lance Bass Defends BFF Lisa Vanderpump After ‘RHOBH’ Cast Blames Her For PuppyGate

Lance Bass wants what's best for his friend Lisa Vanderpump! He told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what his thoughts were about the dog scandal this season!

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Former *NSYNC member Lance Bass, 39, is standing up for his friend! When we asked him what he thought about the current Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dog scandal involving his friend, entrepreneur Lisa Vanderpump, 58, he told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “It’s ridiculous. Unfortunately, the last few seasons of that show is the same thing. One person says something, the other person hears it a different way and then it’s a whole season of fighting on, what I heard. It’s so petty and ridiculous, I’m over it. I’m trying to force her to quit that show.”

Lance said that four years ago, he told Lisa to leave the show. He advised her to “focus on Vanderpump Rules, which is a better show anyway.” He also pointed out her multiple business ventures to her, and reminded her of her big heart. “She cares what people think,” Lance added. “She didn’t come from entertainment or anything like that. So she was thrust into the spotlight. And when someone says something negative about you, you just want to defend yourself. So she still is that kind of person that just wants everybody to like her. It kills her when people think badly of her or are misinformed on something she would say. Yeah, it’s little ridiculous, but the other girls aren’t looking so hot right now. They’re getting trashed by the fans.”

He’s unsure if this will actually be her last season, despite his advice for it to be. “I don’t know,” he replied about if she would actually leave the RHOBH show. “She loves BRAVO, she loves that show. I have a feeling that she’s still going to stay on, but I’m going to do everything I can to say, just take a break. Not leave forever. Just take a little break right now, you know? Pull back and come back in three years.” The whole “Puppygate” drama on the season began when 42-year-old Dorit Kemsley’s former dog showed up at Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa’s dog charity. The issue caused tension with the group of friends and has been a focal point of season nine.

Besides standing up for his friend, Lance has his own career to focus on, as well! Lance’s new movie that he produced, The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story, premieres at SXSW Film Festival on March 13.

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