‘Ray Donovan’s Dash Mihok: The Season 6 Finale Is About ‘The Family Coming Together’

Get ready, 'Ray Donovan' fans. The season 6 finale airs Jan. 13. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with star Dash Mihok about what fans can expect in the last episode of the season and his latest music!

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Dash Mihok
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Ray Donovan season 6 is coming to an end on Jan. 13. Season 6 has been a season of change, with the show moving from Los Angeles to New York. Everything that this season has been building up to has come to this. HollywoodLife sat down EXCLUSIVELY with Dash Mihok, a.k.a. Bunchy, who teased this epic final episode of the season.

“The family sticks together, per usual,” Dash told HollywoodLife. “You’ve seen Mickey and Ray teaming up, which is strange, in order to save Bridget. It’s a family affair kind of episode. Of course, I’m in jail though. The most exciting thing about it is there’s a few incredibly well-designed visuals. My showrunner, David Hollander, directed this episode. The first take is a four minute one-er. It’s choreographed beautifully. It really is stunning. There’s just a lot of stunning visuals in this episode. It’s about the family coming together. I can’t really tell much more than that.”

At the end of the penultimate episode of season 6, it appeared as if Terry might flip on Mickey in order to get Bunchy out of jail. Dash was tight-lipped about any and all spoilers, but did drop this scoop: “When I say the family comes together, not all the family. You never know. We’ll see what happens. It’s a doozy, but it’s very beautifully shot, and I can’t wait for people to see how we end up.”

The show has already been renewed season 7 and will begin filming in 2019. Dash admitted that he’s been “really happy” with how Bunchy’s storyline has evolved. “I just feel blessed that we’ve been doing seven seasons,” Dash continued. “I feel like this change of scenery and being with the New York backdrop looks different visually. I’ve been hearing everybody that it’s one of their favorites. I know they’ve given me a lot of good stuff to work with, so I’ve been really happy. It’s always good to know you’re coming back to a job, but it’ll also be another set of challenges. New York was a very challenging place to shoot this year. We were very comfortable in Los Angeles. It was a harder shoot. We were trying to get our legs for a long time shooting here, but I think it paid off.

On top of Ray Donovan, Dash also recently released his latest single, “Fire,” with his band Diz & The Fam. The song also features Desi Valentine and was produced by Phil Simmons. “We actually wrote the hook together, the three of us,” Dash said. “I actually wrote it a while ago. I wrote it after Charlottesville, the day after Charlottesville. I just felt like I needed to express something. I’ve been whittling away and making sure that it was in the right place. I just finished the video for it that I directed. So, I’m excited to share that with the world. I think it’s pretty cinematic and special.”

Dash is planning the release of a full album at some point. “It’s called Love and Loss. I’m not quite sure when I’m rolling it out yet. We’re in the process of a distribution deal right now. So, I’m holding onto it for a little longer. The next single is probably going to be this song called “Flawed,” which I sing on as well as Kerris Dorsey, who plays my niece, Bridget. She has such a beautiful voice. She sings on that with me. It’s a really gorgeous song. It’s heartbreaking.”

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