SNL: Weekend Update — Mark Zuckerberg Dabs: ‘He’s Rich, You’re Not & He Isn’t Giving Back Data’

Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance on 'SNL' & he has a very important message about the Facebook data leak: 'Your data is mine, no backsies!' Watch him giggle madly & dab here!

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Wow! Mark Zuckerberg paid a visit to Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live and it was sensational! Okay, so it wasn’t really the Mark Zuckerberg — just Alex Moffat’s hilarious impression of him — but he still stole the show (but not from the Winklevoss twins). At first, Mark tried offering a heartfelt apology to Facebook users: “Tonight, I’d like to apologize to all 87 million of you… one-by-one.” After Mark started listing off Facebook users (with their weird Facebook habits), Colin Jost, 35, asked if he would allow Facebook users ownership of their data, to which Mark replied, “Psh, no. Because it’s mine. You gave it to me.” After dabbing and giggle-screaming and talking about he sleeps easy at night (upside down in his pressurized sleep egg), Mark finished saying, “America, look me in my shark eyes when I say this: that on behalf of Facebook, I am sorry. On opposite day.” Watch the entire sketch in our video above!

Although this moment won’t soon be forgotten, it’s hardly the first time the ingenious comedic duo of Michael Che, 34, and Coling had us in stitches lately! Like when Kate McKinnon dropped by in March to lampoon Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos! When asked why she bombed a recent 60 Minutes interview, Betsy (played by Kate) answered, “I think the problem is that the words that were coming out of my mouth were bad, and that is because they came from my brain.” Later, when asked why she government work has been so heavily criticized, she responded, “I think it’s because I do not do a good job, and I can’t because I don’t know how.” Zing!

And, speaking of government appointees, we can’t forget when Hope Hicks (played by Cecily Strong) dropped by bid farewell to her White House position with a speech that was giving us high school graduation vibes! “Working at the White House was like going to summer camp. You make all these new friends, you barely get any sleep and everybody leaves after 8 weeks,” she read. Later, she added, “Plus there’s, like, tons of cute boys there and most of them are like classic bad boys. Just crazy haircuts and breaking the law and they’ve all hit a girl.” SNL definitely knows how to find the humor in some disturbing circumstances!

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