‘Switched At Birth’: Vanessa Marano Reflects On That Bay & Emmett Scene, Bay’s Future & More

The 'Switched At Birth' series finale featured Bay making a tough decision about her career and her relationship with Travis. HollywoodLife.com got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from Vanessa Marano about Bay's decision and that last scene between Bay and Emmett!

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Bay decides to stay back and let Travis go to Japan, so what’s going through Bay’s mind when she’s telling Travis that she’s staying?
I think it’s two things. It’s the decision of I need to make a choice about me, and I need to make a choice about my career. It’s not that I’m saying I’m more than us, but it is a crucial time for Bay just like it’s a crucial time for Travis. He can’t turn that opportunity to be with her, and she can’t turn down a budding career to be with him. I think that a) it’s a difficult decision because of that, but it’s also a decision that’s very adult and mature. But also, I think in a weird way it’s a hard decision. She also knows it’s the right decision because of this absolute trust that she has with Travis that she did not experience in her relationship with Emmett. She just trusts him. She believes they can make this work. Maybe that’s naive, but it’s what she truly feels. I think that is kind of the solidifying factor to the decision.

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She also convinces Emmett to go with Travis…
Yes, which I think is a wonderful thing because Emmett and Travis have their own relationship despite Bay and that’s been a big struggle this season. How do two friends, almost brothers, carry on when they are both in love with same woman? It’s a very difficult thing. In a weird way, I love that it parallels Daphne and Bay’s relationship, because at one point Daphne and Bay were in love with the same guy and they were able to restore their sister relationship.

As someone who’s watched the show, I think this is what will bring Emmett & Travis back together. Her staying behind and letting them have this journey together is going to allow those fences to be mended, don’t you think?
Absolutely. I think that will finally make it less awkward between them. It’s finally going to be like, “OK, we’re each independently exploring our own relationship.”

I loved the final scene with Emmett. Bay and Emmett were such a huge couple on the show and fans still want them together, but she has such a healthy relationship with Travis…
Absolutely. I think that’s a hard pill for a lot people to swallow. The relationship that might be the most passionate, magical thing is not necessarily the right relationship or the most healthy relationship for you to be in. I think that’s the mature decision Bay made this season. She loves Emmett and will always love Emmett. She’ll probably never be able to connect with another human being the way she connected with Emmett, but that doesn’t mean they should be together. They’re not good for each other romantically. They don’t trust each other, which I think had been a big issue for them.

There was nothing really romantic about the final scene. He was her first love, but the moment wasn’t based on anything romantic and didn’t lead fans on…
No. I think that’s what’s so beautiful. I loved that we showed all their moments. We got to reflect back on what they had. Just because it doesn’t work out the way that you think it’s going to work out, doesn’t lessen what you had with one another. I think that was such a beautiful thing to be, like, they don’t have to have those romantic moments going forward. They had those romantic moments. Their moments going forward can be moments of friendship.

The scene definitely gave fans closure.
That’s really what [creator] Lizzy Weiss wanted. That was big, important point for Lizzy. She wanted to make sure that she gave those Bay and Emmett fans a resolve. I think she totally did with that montage.

So Bay has really chosen Travis?
It’s one of those things where we’re assuming she’s going to be with Travis, but who knows what the future holds for anybody. That’s what I think is great, too. We didn’t end this show with teenage girls becoming young women and their lives being completely wrapped up. It’s not like they’re all getting married or automatically in the careers that they want to be in. We show the girls on the path that they want to be on.

Where do you see Bay in 5 years?
I think she’s still an artist. I don’t know if she’s still a tattoo artist. She’s probably too ADD in that way. She’s definitely exploring different mediums of art — sculpture, who knows? I don’t think she’s married in 5 years. Honestly, I think she’s still living with Daphne.

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