Paulina Gretzky & Tiger Woods: Fans Flip After They’re Spotted Celebrating At Ryder Cup Party

Uh-oh. Is Tiger Woods on the prowl? The golf icon celebrated Team USA’s Ryder Cup win with Paulina Gretzky, causing sports fans to lose it over the idea of him getting cozy with Wayne Gretzky’s daughter! Click to see.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

After the Americans brought the Ryder Cup home for the first time in nearly a decade, the team’s vice-captain, Tiger Woods, 40, was feeling pretty good. In fact, he was smiling from ear to ear when he posed for a photo that Paulina Gretzky, 27, uploaded to her Instagram on Oct. 3.

The daughter of arguably the greatest hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, 55, was wearing a skin-tight dress that revealed her bra, so maybe that’s also why Tiger was grinning? However, seeing the daughter of the GOAT in Hockey with the GOAT of golf was enough to leave any sports fan dead!

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After all, besides golf, Tiger’s known for his multiple affairs, leading some to think that he was making a move on The Great One’s daughter. Normally, that would be okay – they’re both adults and can date – but Paulina is currently engaged to golfer Dustin Johnson, 32, who is the father of her son, Tatum Gretzky Johnson, 1. Dustin’s also one of the golfers that Tiger just coached to victory at the Ryder Cup! Uh, awk-ward.

Still, some golf fans weren’t too upset to see Tiger and Paulina together. One said that the couple “makes my day,” while another one was shipping them hard. “Paulina Woods…has a nice ring to it,” one said. One fan wasn’t aware that Pauline and DJ were engaged, but still thought that Tiger was “making a move” on her. Still, others weren’t too thrilled at what they saw, as one blasted Dustin for “leaving Pauling alone with Tiger FFS.” Yikes!

No need to worry, Dustin and Paulina shippers. She’s very committed to her man, defending him against “trolls” after he skipped out on the 2016 Olympics in Rio and supporting him for all his major golf moments. She and their son where there to hug Dustin after he won the US Open and they were also there to see him pull off the historic win of the Ryder Cup. It just so happens, so was Tiger and he was happy to pose for the camera.

What do you think about this picture with Paulina and Tiger, HollywoodLifers? Innocent, or do you agree with the fans who think Tiger was trying to make a move?

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