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Tom Cruise Demands Custody Of Suri As Katie Holmes Plans To Elope With Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes is reportedly headed down the aisle towards a major custody battle with her ex-husband Tom Cruise over their 9-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise! Tom wants revenge for Katie "double crossing" him by dating his longtime friend, Jamie Foxx behind his back and now he wants to take Suri away from Katie! Even though Tom Cruise reportedly hasn't seen Suri Cruise in over 800 days that's not stopping him from wanting primary custody of Suri. The actor has reportedly become so enraged over Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's relationship that he's decided to lawyer up to potentially seek custody of their little girl. Katie is reportedly terrified because she's worried this mean Tom will finally get his wish -- to make Suri a Scientologist.

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“[Tom] is planning to make a big effort [to spend more time with Suri],” a source tells InTouch. “Tom has the money and the legal clout to re-enter his daughter’s life in a big way. If he wants to play a larger role in Suri’s life with more custody rights, there’s no deterring him.”

A lot of Tom’s sudden interest in having custody of Suri reportedly stems from feeling “double crossed” when he learned that Katie was dating Jamie. “He’s been fine with Katie raising Suri as a single parent. There’s no way he’s going to sit still and let another man — especially Jamie — raise his daughter.” But Katie is said to be terrified of Tom “reintroducing Suri to Scientology. Katie knows Suri would be putty in Tom’s hands. He has this way of being the ultimate superstar dad, a father with the ability to captivate and win over his daughter completely.”

It sounds like Katie has a tough year ahead of her according to the mag’s source. “There’s going to be a wedding, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a custody battle. Katie knows her decision to marry Jamie could invite Tom and his team of advisers and lawyers back into her and Suri’s life. But that isn’t going to stop her. Katie just wants to live a normal life — and that life now includes Jamie.” We told you that Tom has reportedly not seen Suri in over 800 days but that he wants to make sure he spends more time with her in 2016.  InTouch has previously reported that Tom’s ultimate goal is to raise Suri in the Church just like Connor Cruise, 20, and Isabella Cruise, 22.

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