Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son Chet Haze Threatens To ‘Assault’ Howard Stern

This almost doesn't seem real, but it is! Chet Haze, who is Tom Hanks' son, is not only feuding with Howard Stern, but he just threatened to 'assault' him on Twitter. Read the tweets here! It might be the most absurd Hollywood fight ever. Chet Haze, 24, who is Tom Hanks', 58, son and a rapper, is currently feuding with radio shock jock legend Howard Stern, 61. Let that sink in, because it gets better: not only is Chet feuding with Howard, but he's threatening to "hurt," "assault" and generally "whoop" his ass. Wow.

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Chet Haze & Howard Stern Feud — Tom Hanks’ Son Lashes Out At DJ On Twitter

Chet, whose real name is Chester, reinvented himself as rapper Chet Haze while attending Northwestern University in 2011. Chet’s rapper identity has been the source of mockery for many people, including Howard Stern. In fact, over the last four years, Howard often made fun of Chet’s attempt to portray himself as a “gangsta from the hood,” reports RadarOnline.

Chet never responded to Howard’s insults in the past, but that changed after a March 24 interview between Howard and fellow Sirius XM DJ, Rude Jude. During this interview, Howard and Rude discussed Rude’s tense conversation with Chet in Janurary 2015, reports People. The two also laughed at Chet’s tough guy, gangster-rap mannerisms while pointing out that — yes, he grew up in luxury as the son of one of Hollywood’s biggest legends.

This set Chet off, and he decided to break his silence with — how else? — obscenity and threats of violence, unleashing a firestorm of tweets at Howard. Such gems include:

Understandably, Chet may just be venting some frustration from being picked on for four years straight by Howard. However, Chet doesn’t need to be the son of a Hollywood Icon to know that he shouldn’t threaten to beat someone up just because they said some mean things about him.

What do you think about Chet’s tweets at Howard Stern, HollywoodLifers? Did Howard deserve it after making fun of Chet for all those years or did Chet go too far?

— Jason Brow

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