‘Secret Life’ Series Finale: Fans Furious Over Depressing Ending

Were you disappointed by the 'Secret Life' finale? Read our most scathing comments, then give us yours! If you enjoyed The Secret Life of the American Teenager series finale June 3, there's a good chance you watched a different show than everyone else. HollywoodLife.com readers are nothing short of outraged with the ABC Family drama's big send-off, flooding our recap with angry comments throughout the night.

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In a nutshell, here’s how the series ended: Amy (Shailene Woodley) called off her wedding to Ricky (Daren Kagasoff), then left him and son John behind without saying goodbye; Jack (Greg Finley) and Grace (Megan Park) settled on just being “friends”; and Adrian (Francia Raisa) ran off with Omar, proving once and for all she’s nothing without a man in her life.

Adrian aside, none of the show’s core characters received the happy endings they deserved — and fans were not quiet about their disappointment.

‘Secret Life’ Fans React To ‘Awful’ Ending

“I demand a new ending,” commented reader Lily. “That was unsatisfying; they need to remake [it] or add a special ending. This sucks! [I] can’t believe it ended with no answers. That just makes me mad that I wasted time in watching this series. Ugh, so awful!”

And that was among the more tame responses! Reader Alexa deemed the series finale to be “the worst episode ever,” arguing that we should have been given a look into the future to find out what happened when Amy came back from New York.

Meanwhile, reader Rosie pointed out all the loose ends the series left untied:

Where’s Rickys brother? And where’s his chick?! What ever happened to rickyts mom & that girl she was dating? And Ashley? And did Amy finally end up with Ben?? And did Amy & Ricky end up working things out? They should’ve made a 2 hour finale to wrap up questions.

But no one came out swinging quite as hard as reader Joanna who said the finale made her “regret watching the series” altogether. Ouch!

WATCH: Amy & Ricky Break Up On ‘Secret Life’ Finale

HollywoodLifers, what did YOU think of the Secret Life series finale? Drop a comment with your review below!

— Andy Swift

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