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Posted Fri, April 29, 2011 3:14pm EDT

Prince William & Kate Middleton Break Tradition By Exiting Royal Wedding In Decked-Out Aston Martin!

Jaws dropped as William & Kate kicked tradition to the curb ONE MORE TIME on their Big Day, when William drove the pair out of Buckingham Palace in a fully decorated car with a ‘Just Wed’ sign on the back.

The crowds went wild and the TV commentators were practically speechless — “this is unprecedented,” stammered one — when the royal newlyweds shocked and totally delighted their world audience by driving off  with balloons streaming behind their fully decorated Aston Martin Volante DB6, a loaner from Prince Charles.

Not only did they have a “just wed” sign attached to the back, but there was also an “L” on the front.‘s resident Brit Jeremy Seigal says the “L” signifies that the driver of the car is still “learning” how to drive, but we think it’s also symbolizes how William is learning how to be a husband!

We bet Prince William’s mom, Diana, was howling with laughter up in heaven, while the very proper Queen Elizabeth was probably having a very quiet royal meltdown, while keeping a stiff upper lip. Once again, the royal newlyweds made their wedding personal and proved they’ll be thoroughly modern monarchs!

So Hollywoodlifers, did you love this or what?

— Bonnie Fuller

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