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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Theo Makes An Epic Return In An Effort To Save Stiles

Tue, January 3, 2017 10:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

He’s baaaaack! Theo made his highly-anticipated return on the Jan. 3 episode of ‘Teen Wolf.’ Even though he’s not exactly on everyone’s good side, he has information that can help the pack get Stiles back!

Lydia sees a woman in the locker room mirror. She puts her finger to the mirror and falls in all Alice In Wonderland-esque. She comes out on the other side in another town. She’s in Canaan!

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There’s a carnival going on, and it turns to mayhem. The people of Canaan keep disappearing into thin air, like when the Ghost Riders are around.

Scott tries to convince Stilinksi of Stiles’ existence, but Stilinski isn’t hearing it. When Scott begins to tell Stilinski about hearing Stiles on the radio, Stilinski screams at him. My heart hurts.

Lydia tells Malia about her Canaan dream, with plans to go there with Scott. As Hayden and Liam discuss Scott’s plan, the creepy hot teacher overhears them. What is he up to?

‘I Want To Save Stiles’

When Lydia, Malia, and Scott arrive in Canaan, it’s a complete ghost town. There’s not a soul in sight. They spread out to cover more ground. Malia comes across two bloody dead bodies on the ground. She breaks down in tears. Suddenly, THEO comes up behind her! Long time no see!

Theo is up to dirty tricks once again and SHOOTS Malia! But wait, it was just a nightmare. Or was it?!

Meanwhile, Argent’s in the hospital after getting whipped by one of the Ghost Riders. He’s not getting better. Melissa goes to drastic measures to save him. Her methods are painful AF, but they work.

Over at school, Liam and Hayden find Mr. Douglas up to no good. Liam confronts Mr. Douglas about seeing the Ghost Riders at the lacrosse game. The couple teams up with Mr. Douglas to take down the Ghost Riders. I have a bad feeling about this…

The energy in Canaan is causing Scott and Malia to hallucinate. What the trio definitely sees is a little boy and his creepy mom. Basically, Canaan is a terrifying place and they should never return.

Turns out, the creepy mom, named Lenoir, is a banshee. Caleb is dead. The Ghost Riders brought back her dead son, and they left her but took everyone else. Lenoir warns Lydia to save herself, but Lydia doesn’t want that. “I don’t want to be safe. I want to save Stiles,” she says.

Kira’s mom makes a surprising return to help out Liam and Hayden. Liam takes Kira’s sword and stabs it into the ground. The ground cracks beneath them, and THEO crawls out from the rubble. YAS! Even though he wants to kill them, Liam and Hayden need Theo. Liam and Hayden have the upper hand, though. They can very easily send him back to where he came from.

He doesn’t have Tracy’s or Josh’s powers anymore, but he does know about the Wild Hunt because of the Dread Doctors. He gives Mr. Douglas a look. Theo knows Mr. Douglas is the Nazi Werewolf. Upon this realization, Mr. Douglas tries to get rid of Theo, but Theo remembers Stiles!

Left Behind

When Liam and Hayden reveal that the Ghost Riders are still in Beacon Hills, this piques Stiles’ interest. He says that the Wild Hunt wouldn’t stick around unless they were stuck. Scott figures out that Stiles sent them to Canaan to figure out that Beacon Hills is going to be the next ghost town.

Lydia is more adamant than ever to save Stiles. “I saw what happens to the people they’ve taken when they leave,” she tells Scott and Malia. It’s “something worse than death.”

“Their souls hollowed out,” Lydia continues. “They became something else. They became Ghost Riders. And then they were gone.” She notes that when the Ghost Riders leave, she will be the only one left behind.

The episode ends with Stilinski beginning to peel the wallpaper back in his house. Scott’s words did not fall on deaf ears. HE WANTS TO REMEMBER STILES!

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