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Damn Daniel: The Secret Meaning Behind His White Shoes In Viral Video Revealed

Tue, February 23, 2016 10:18pm EDT by Beth Shilliday 6 Comments

Damn Daniel! Way to keep your sneakers white! It turns out there was a secret meaning behind why Josh Holz was so impressed with showing off pal Daniel Lara’s squeaky clean Vans and has the EXCLUSIVE reason behind his now legendary commentary.

Josh Holz managed to turn his Riverside, CA classmate Daniel Lara into an international viral sensation thanks to his commenting, “Damn Daniel” over and over again each day when his pal would show up with fly new footwear. But Daniel turns out to be more than just a fashion trendsetter, he’s also a major risk taker, has EXCLUSIVELY learned as to why Josh was always so impressed with Daniel’s white Vans sneakers.

“It is kind of a big deal at our school to step on anyone’s new shoes, especially white shoes. That was the idea behind the video. The video was pointing out that he was being risky for wearing white Vans. Josh was kind of teasing Daniel about wearing new white Vans knowing that they would get stepped on. Everybody comes up to you and steps on them,” one of Daniel’s Riverside Poly High classmate tells EXCLUSIVELY. Impressive feat Daniel at keeping those babies so clean, especially for a lowly freshman! Get your own white Vans right here.

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Daniel’s star is riding pretty high these days thanks to his pal’s shoe commentary. The saying “Damn Daniel” has spawned countless memes and has even been parodied by NBA players on the Los Angeles Lakers. The shy teen has even been flooded with marriage proposals from total strangers online and the “Damn Daniel” line has even been turned into a seriously hot club track.

He’s officially going to get his shot at the national spotlight when he appears on the Feb. 24 episode of Ellen DeGeneres‘ daytime talk show, and we have a feeling that the always generous host is probably going to give him a lifetime’s supply of white Vans should anyone now try to scuff his up! We can’t wait to watch and meet the real Daniel, who yes indeed wears his white Vans and Stussy shirt just like in the viral video!

HollywoodLifers, are you still finding yourself saying “Damn Daniel” or are you over it already?

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