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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Fall Finale: [SPOILER] Shot Annalise

Thu, November 19, 2015 11:09pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

There were many suspects, but the culprit has finally been revealed. The fall finale of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ answered the biggest question of season two thus far: who shot Annalise? Find out who it was now!

How To Get Away With Murder doesn’t mess around. On the Nov. 19 fall finale of the hit show, the person who shot Annalise was revealed to millions of fans around the globe. The big reveal blew everyone’s mind. Don’t be behind the rest of the TGIT family — find who pulled the trigger right this second!

Warning: if you do not want to be spoiled about the Nov. 19 episode of HTGAWM, then stop reading now! Spoilers are ahead! You’ve been warned.

Okay, so let’s start at the beginning. Asher was the one who killed Sinclair. He ran her over with his car. He immediately called Bonnie. After Bonnie brought Asher back to the Hapstall mansion, Annalise had to make a quick game plan. She admitted to Asher that Michaela, Connor, Wes and Laurel killed Sam and not Bonnie.

Michaela, Connor, Asher and Bonnie took care of Sinclair’s body. When it came time for them to dump the body over the balcony, Michaela and Connor bailed. Wes called Nate to help because Annalise was losing her marbles. Asher and Bonnie dumped Sinclair’s body over the balcony, and Frank took care of Catherine. Annalise called the cops and said that Catherine shot her. 

At that moment, things got completely insane. Annalise asked Connor to shoot her. If he refused, she would ruin his life and Oliver’s. Connor was thisclose to doing it when Michaela stepped in front of the gun. Bless. This is too much. Annalise then turned to Michaela and asked her to think about her future. Michaela couldn’t do it, so Annalise gave the gun to both Wes and Laurel. They both refused, but as they walked away, Annalise confessed to Wes that Rebecca was dead. She had been lying the entire time.

Annalise pleaded with him to shoot her. “I deserve it,” she quivered. Wes shot Annalise, but it wasn’t in the leg like she asked. He shot her in the stomach and was about to shoot her in the head when he heard her mutter the name “Christoph.” That’s when we flashbacked 10 years earlier to a young Wes. He was being asked about his mother, and Annalise and Eve were watching from afar, obviously guilty of something. talked EXCLUSIVELY with the cast before the finale at the show’s Paley panel on Nov. 12. Everyone seemed to have a motive for wanting to kill Annalise, but Charlie Weber swore that Frank was truly someone Annalise could trust.

“I think Frank puts it out on the line for her, and if she can trust one person, it’s Frank,” Charlie told “They’ve done so much bad sh*t together.”

After that finale, we’re going to need a few months to recover. Matt McGorry wasn’t lying when he told us that it was “absolutely, insanely, monumentally, absurdly nutsballs!”

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HollywoodLifers, were you shocked by who shot Annalise? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson