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Coco Austin Brags She’s Lost 10lbs While Pregnant — Read Her Shocking Blog

Mon, August 17, 2015 4:26pm EDT by 4 Comments
Courtesy of Instagram

While some women gain close to 20 pounds during their pregnancy, Coco Austin is actually losing weight. Yet, there is one part of her body that she admits IS getting bigger — her boobs!

Coco Austin, 36, has no problem admitting that she isn’t worried about the possibility of gaining weight during her pregnancy. The talk show host recently opened up in a blog post on Aug. 17 and revealed that she has actually slimmed down while carrying her and Ice-T‘s, 57, first child together.

Coco started blogging about her pregnancy for E! News and shockingly revealed that she lost a good amount of weight after she found out she was pregnant. That’s not all. Ice-T’s wifey also admitted she didn’t have an ounce of morning sickness, minus one time — what a lucky lady!

“People think you automatically go into morning sickness when you get pregnant. You start feeling nauseated because you are feeding someone else, right? Totally wrong! My first thing was I called my doctor and said ‘Are you sure I’m pregnant? I don’t feel pregnant. I was only sick one time. What’s the deal?’ He said everybody is different.

If you’re healthy, you probably don’t get as sick as much. I believe the girls that do get sick, they’re trying to detox their bodies and that’s why they throw up more. I didn’t get sick. One time I got sick and it was at night and that was pretty much it. On top of that, I’m really not that hungry very much. I will literally get full within a couple of bites and that’s it. Knock on wood because any day it could change but right now, I have a positive attitude.

The more you stress about something, the more you struggle through it. I’m a very positive, optimistic person. I’ve always been and you have a guardian angel and that guardian angel will step up to help. Just rely on you, your intuition and your guardian angel. Everyone is also so worried about weight issues and gaining weight. I did a lot of research on this and you’re really not supposed to be gaining weight until your second trimester. So if you’re already trying to put in more calories when you first think you’re pregnant, you are so wrong. You have to put 500 extra calories in your second trimester and nothing in your first trimester.

For me, I actually lost 10 pounds before I started gaining baby weight. I think a lot of it has to do with food. My cravings are fruit and Shirley Temples. Another thing is I’m really into my cocktails. Like, every single night I have some wine. Of course I stopped drinking right when I got pregnant, but I think that has a lot to do with it.

When I took alcohol out of the equation, I lost all of the weight. That’s another reason why I called my doctor to make sure I was pregnant. Think of a pregnant lady and I’m almost always the opposite of her. Basically, I notice that I eat very little, I pee a lot and yes, my boobs are getting bigger. Bigger than they already are! I don’t know how that’s going to happen but we already know they are big so I don’t know where they are going. I might have to get some bras made.”

Coco Shares Ultrasound Pic Of Baby Girl

Coco also took to Instagram to slam the rumors that she isn’t actually carrying her baby.

Closeup of Baby Chanel Nicole! To all the non believers about me not having a baby bump.As you can see here, there really is a baby growing inside of me. I'm 5 1/2 months already due Dec. I've workout and have stayed healthy my entire life so my ab muscles are super tight and taking longer to expand.. Thanks to all the compliments comparing me to Sarah Stage (the model that had abs her entire pregnancy but had a healthy baby). Even though I would like to stay small I feel my tummy will pop sooner or later.. I may also look slimmer to you now because when I first got pregnant. I actually lost 10 pounds instead of gain. The reason, I believe, is because I stopped drinking alcohol. I would always have at least a glass of wine every night. So just recently in my 2nd trimester I finally started gaining but only 5 pounds so far. Hope this answers most of your questions

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HollywoodLifers — what are your thoughts on Coco’s weight loss during her pregnancy? Sound off below!

— Brittany King