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‘The Royals’ Recap: Liam’s Ex Ruins His Relationship With Ophelia

Sun, March 22, 2015 11:01pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments

Plus, when it’s time for a garden party at the palace, Liam and Eleanor are on a mission to have fun and do nothing that the Queen asks. But the Queen’s just a little distracted with a secret of her own.

When Eleanor (Alexandra Park) finds herself getting in deeper and deeper with her super hot bodyguard, Jasper (Tom Austen), she resorts to making him jealous with a famous party guest. However, it’s pretty clear that while he’s hoping to blackmail her, he’s a little more drawn to her than even he would like.

Battle of the Exes

We know Liam (William Moseley) doesn’t care that others don’t approve of Ophelia — but when his ex, Gemma, returns, everything changes. It’s especially awkward since she’s waiting for him in his room, wearing lingerie. Naturally, Ophelia excuses her self and Gemma tries to take her place again as his girlfriend — even though she disappeared 10 months prior. Liam can’t help but notice that it’s right when he’s the one now in line for the throne.

Gemma is the daughter to a diamond heiress, so for Ophelia, she decides the only way to stay on her level is to try to out drink her at the royal garden party. She fails miserably at this and passes out in the garden. So, he plays Prince Charming (see what I did that), picks her up, and carries her home. Unfortunately, once they get back, she throws up on his shoes.

After sobering up a little, she tells him she “just wanted a story,” but he ended up being nice. Unfortunately, she decided to end things — whatever it actually was. “I’m not posh, I don’t speak French, I’ve never owned a designer dress in my life,” she tells him. Of course he tells her that stuff doesn’t matter, but she knows, it does. And as he walks away, she becomes the first person to tell him he’d make an amazing king.

Eleanor May Be In Over Her Head

Naturally, Eleanor continues to boss her bodyguard around (and sleep with him), but he continues to remind her that he has her on to me having sex and doing some sort of other behavior. To get back at him, she decides to make out with one of his heroes, a famous Olympian. However, when she brings him back to her room, Jasper punches him out.

Sounds like a successful relationship, right? Well, it seems he was a tad jealous — does he just want to make her life suck or is he interested in her? I’m guessing a little bit of both, right?

Plus, she has enough to worry about — she doesn’t know it yet, but her mother, the Queen, is actually having an affair with  a mystery man she meets and pretends to casually know at the garden party. We see it’s more than casual when he ends up in her room, while the king has a heart-to-heart with Liam.

So, what did you think of the episode, HollywoodLifers? Will Eleanor and Jasper get together for real? Will Ophelia and Liam get back together or will Gemma date him again? Let us know what you thinks next.

— Emily Longeretta