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‘AYTO’ Recap: Layton & Anthony Get Into Insane Fight Over Jenni’s Mom

Mon, November 10, 2014 11:01pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 3 Comments

It’s a full house on Week 6 of ‘Are You The One’ — the parents come to Puerto Rico! The ladies’ families grill the guys, and Jenni’s mom sparks a fight between Anthony and Layton. Click for your full recap!

Are You The One‘s Season 2 love triangle has reached all new limits — Anthony and Layton get after it over Jenni in the most insane blowout the show has ever seen. Plus, Christina‘s dad shotguns a beer and the episode ends with another huge shocker.

‘Are You The One?’ Week 6 — Welcome To The Family

It’s safe to say that the housemates on Are You The One? probably aren’t watching their episodes with their parents, back at home. Well, on the Nov. 10 episode, all of that changes when the ladies are surprised by their families!

The week six challenge puts all the guys in the hot seat, directly across from the girls’ families. After they get grilled by the parental units, the dudes are tasked with matching up the mom’s, dad’s and grandma’s pics to the chick.

Anthony clears up the awkward elephant in the room right away: “I’ve hooked up with most of their daughters.”

None of the guys passed with flying colors. John admits that he’s in the game for money (not love!), Dario confessed that he’s cheated on an ex-girlfriend and Ellie‘s grandma gets Alex to fess up to watching porn. File that one under TMI.

John wins the challenge and brings Jasmine on the pub crawl date. Dario and Alex come in second place. Dario is smitten over Briana on his date, who’s still crushed over Curtis (who’s in the honeymoon suite with his unperfectly-matched-perfect-match Shelby), and Alex and Alex fall for each other.

Jenni Is Stuck Between Anthony & Layton

After dropping a below the belt bombshell last week, Jenni is still stuck on Anthony. Even though they’re not a match, she introduces him to her mom! Jenni’s mother thinks they’d be cute together, despite their mismatch.

Now, don’t think Jenni has completely forgotten about Layton. She brings her Southern gent (well, just wait for it — maybe not so much of a gentleman) to meet the mom, too, seriously pissing off Jessica. I’ve gotta say, Jenni has some guts, stealing away a guy from another girl and her mother. Not gonna lie, that’s kinda awesome.

Layton gets his flirt on with Jenni’s mom (in the most non-awkward way possible), and gives her a little bit of trouble for giving Anthony, “the worst person in the house,” the stamp of approval. Let’s not forget, Jenni’s mom (in the most definitely-awkward way possible) compliments Layton’s eyes. And she’s kinda buzzed.

Layton, step away from the mom.

Layton & Anthony Get Into A Major Fight Over Jenni’s Mom

Leave it to the cougar to spark a fight. Just when Jenni’s mom leaves, Anthony confronts Layton for throwing him under the bus and the guys get into a huge screaming match. I mean HUGE. I’ve literally never seen anything like this…even on AYTO.

Take a peek here at what went down, but warning: it’s nuts.

“Layton’s a f***ing psycho,” Anthony says. “I told him to his face he’s jealous. It’s obvious. It’s obvious to everyone in the house. He wants to be with Jenni, Jenni was his first target and I swooped her.”

Who comes to Anthony’s rescue when he’s down in the dump? Oh, um, Ellie. (Seriously, who’s not obsessed with this girl?)

“He’s my man, whether he likes it or not,” she says and then pours her heart out to Anthony. In the weirdest way possible, it’s actually kind of adorable.

On the other side of house, Jessica is still screaming at Jenni over Layton. Seriously girl, just get over it.

The Matchup Ceremony Ends With Zero Matches

After a productive date, John and Jasmine are sent to the truth booth. The result? No match.

Dario and Briana get pretty chummy, and are hoping they’ll be a match. (How did that happen so fast??) Well, actually, not so fast…

Briana’s real man, Curtis, returns from the honeymoon suite with Shelby for the final match up and he confesses that he’s still in love with Briana. “The reality is, I left my heart at the house,” he says. “As hard as I’m trying to shake it right now, it’s not working.”

10 zillion points for Curtis! “I love him,” Briana gushes. “I’m gonna explode rainbows and butterflies and unicorns in like two seconds!”

Layton and Anthony come to blows again at the light beam ceremony, but Ellie chooses “Ant,” as her perfect match. “If he’s my match, then I’m gonna rock his mother-f***ing world.” Oh, Ellie…so eloquent.

In the second biggest shocker of the season, the light beam ends up with NO matches, other than the two paradise pairs (Curtis and Briana; Paris and Pratt).

Do you guys realize what that means? Jenni isn’t matched up with Layton and Ellie isn’t matched up with Anthony! WTF?!

HollywoodLifers, were you shocked by the final result? Are you so over Jessica? Do you think Alex and Alex are cute together? And what do you think about Layton and Anthony’s insane fight? Drop a comment below and let us know, are you Team Anthony or Team Layton?!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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