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10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Mon, October 20, 2014 2:28pm EDT by Add first Comment
How To Tell If A Guy Likes You
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Understatement of the year: Guys aren’t always crystal-clear when it comes to showing how they feel. But there are some sneaky indicators that can give you a clue without getting him to ’fess up. Look for these giveaways!

When you’re first getting to know a guy, it can be incredibly difficult to tell the difference between friendliness and flirtiness. No girl wants to put herself out there without knowing feelings go both ways. Well, stop sweating! talked to real guys to find out what subtle signs are actually major clues that he is so into you.

Does He Like Me? — How to Know If a Guy Wants to Date You

10) He insists on paying. While most guys expect to split the costs of dates once you start getting serious, in the beginning, they want to impress you. So little things like grabbing you a soda from the vending machine or saying he’s got you this fro-yo run are a big thumbs up.

 9) He goes out of his way for you. Driving you home from a party, even though you live 20 minutes in the opposite direction? As Wes, 25, puts it, “Any time a guy inconveniences himself it’s a sure sign. In LA, we joke that love is measured by your willingness to sit in traffic to spend time with a person.”

8) He laughs at your jokes. Even the ones you know weren’t that funny. He just really finds you cute.

 7) He tries things you recommend. Like downloading your favorite band’s new album—and actually listening to it!— that you casually brought up over drinks one time.

6) He spiffs up. You’re not the only one who spends a few extra minutes (okay, hours) in front of the mirror before meeting up with someone you’re feeling. “I’m usually a roll-out-of-bed-and-go guy when I’m getting ready for work,” said Bradley, 21. “But when I started having feelings for my co-worker, I started trying a little harder by gelling my hair and wearing cologne.”

5) He lets you leave stuff at his place. A toothbrush. A hoodie. Rando socks. He’s cool with you literally invading his space.

4) His friends know about you. Met a new guy outside your social circle? Pay attention to the first time you meet his crew. If they’re really jokey with you or treat you like you’re part of the gang, chances are he’s been talking you up to them. “Before I introduced my current girlfriend to my friends, I probably brought her up at least a hundred times,” says Mike, 27. “So by the time they actually met, it was like they already all knew each other.”

3) He subtly touches you. When we’re drawn to things, we want to touch them. It’s human nature! Even little grazes like grabbing your shoulder or resting his hand on your leg while you talk are big hints. And if he touches your lower back? That’s a classic “I like you” move. It’s more personal.

2) He responds immediately. That whole wait 20 minutes before replying to keep you on your toes thing? Not a thing for a guy who’s really into you, says Will, 25. “When I genuinely like a girl, I always text her back promptly. And if I call her? Game over. Most guys I know hate talking on the phone, so it’s a clear indicator that she’s important.”

1) He doesn’t sleep with you right away. If he’s not jumping in the sack with you right away, don’t worry. He might just not want to rush a good thing. “When I’m into a girl, I’m patient when it comes to sex,” says Danny, 26. “It’s more the cerebral than the physical I focus on. I’ve taken a girl out on seven dates before we finally made it to the bedroom. I want to make sure we have a real connection first.”

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? What signs do you look for to tell that a guy is digging you? Let us know your thoughts below!

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