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‘Kendra On Top’ Recap: Hank Makes A Shocking Confession About Affair

Fri, October 17, 2014 10:36pm EDT by Chris Rogers 43 Comments

Kendra’s friend, Jessica, dropped a major bomb on her, regarding Hank’s alleged affair with a transexual, during a girls’ night out on the Oct. 17 episode. Plus, Kendra reunites with her mom after not speaking to her for over a year!

The back-to-back episodes of Kendra On Top on Oct. 17 were so heart-wrenching and dramatic. Kendra Wilkinson is still reeling from the discovery that her husband, Hank Baskett, allegedly cheated on her with a transexual. However, without an actual admission, the former Girls Next Door star isn’t sure whether she should kick Hank out or badger him until he concedes with an actual confession. Shockingly, Kendra turns to her Mom, whom she hasn’t spoken to in over a year, for some advice.

‘Kendra On Top’ Recap: Hank Baskett Cheated? He Makes A Confession About Affair

We have to admit — it’s tough to watch Kendra go through such an emotional roller coaster, but thus far, she seems to be handling herself well.

Kendra Wilkinson: Lean On Your Family & Focus On Yourself For Now

The Oct. 17 episodes start with Kendra questioning Hank about all the tabloid rumors, suggesting he slept with a transexual model. He vehemently denies the allegations and even goes as far as saying, “please believe me. I’m at your mercy.”

‘Kendra On Top’: Kendra’s Mom Begs Her To Leave Hank After Alleged Affair

Kendra, who appears totally confused, banishes Hank to the downstairs bedroom. She just doesn’t have the guts to kick him out of the house they share with their two children. (Understandable.) But while he’s still a father to Hank Baskett IV and baby Alijah, Kendra stresses that Hank is no longer a husband to her (at least, for now).

Hank Baskett Lied To Kendra Wilkinson Again About Alleged Affair

When Hank flies to Seattle for work obligations, Kendra invites her Mom over for a chat. It’s an emotional reunion, as Kendra and Patti Wilkinson haven’t spoken in over a year. This is also the first time Patti is meeting Alijah.

Side note: Kendra and Patti had a falling out when the reality star’s mom had to find out about her pregnancy through the press. Patti bashed Kendra online, and she told her mom, “I hope you die!” (As if this girl didn’t have enough drama to deal with!)

Kendra Wilkinson Confronts Hank Baskett On ‘Kendra On Top’

It was a touching moment, seeing the two Wilkinson ladies embrace and bond over Hank’s alleged affair. Patti has never been a fan of Hank, so she advises Kendra to kick him out of the house and teach him a lesson.

Patti’s visit soon comes to an end and Hank returns home.

Kendra attempts to get some answers out of Hank, and warns him not to get too comfortable in the house. She then makes a note about how Hank doesn’t seem like himself and he’s just “walking around like a zombie.”

Hank Baskett Kendra Wilkinson Fight — Talk Divorce

She finds him curled up on the bathroom floor with tears streaming down his face. They have a heart-to-heart, where they each discuss something about how a key fits into Kendra and if it comes out, she falls apart. (It didn’t make a ton of sense, but that’s okay.)

After doing some investigating of her own (since Hank is still denying his alleged affair), Kendra decides to go on a girls’ night out with her friend, Jessica. Unfortunately, the dinner quickly turns into a heated Q&A session about all the tabloid rumors surrounding Hank and his alleged dirty little tryst.

Kendra Wilkinson’s Girls’ Night Out Ends With A Shocking Confession

While a majority of Kendra’s girlfriends were busy telling her that Hank needs to “man up” or “get the f*** out,” Jessica kept fidgeting with her steak and rubbing her eyebrows. Finally, she blurted out a bit of information that threw Kendra for a loop!

“Hank basically told Kyle what happened,” Jessica said. (Kyle must be Jessica’s boyfriend?)

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett’s Marriage: Lean On Family After Alleged Affair

Jessica explains how she doesn’t want everyone to bash Hank because she feels “there’s two sides to every story.”

When Kendra pushes her friend to tell her what Hank told Kyle, Jessica apologizes and says she doesn’t know anything. Apparently, Kyle said he would take Hank’s confession with him to his grave! (Something tells us that Jessica knows more than she claims she does!)

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Jessica hiding something? Did Hank cheat on Kendra? Tell us how you feel! Plus, watch all the Kendra On Top exclusive clips above!

— Chris Rogers

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