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‘Ghost Hunters’: Elizabeth V. Edwards Haunts An Abandoned N.J. School

Wed, October 15, 2014 11:18am EDT by Lauren Cox 2 Comments

What’s creepier than an abandoned elementary school? A HAUNTED elementary school, that’s what! ‘Ghost Hunters’ take on the spirits of a New Jersey school in this EXCLUSIVE clip!

On the Oct. 15 episode of Ghost Hunters, the TAPS team — including Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, Jason Hawes, and more — travel to New Jersey to explore the Elizabeth V. Edwards Elementary School. Local legend claims the school is haunted based on some eerie encounters, sightings, and stories from former students and staff, but are there really spirits lurking in the empty classrooms?

‘Ghost Hunters’ Exclusive Preview: Elizabeth V. Edwards School Goes Bump In The Night

In the tiny town of Barnegat, New Jersey, one abandoned building continues to creep out the locals when they pass by.

That building is the Elizabeth V. Edwards Elementary School, which is rumored to be haunted and will be featured on the Oct. 15 episode of Ghost Hunters!

In an EXCLUSIVE clip provided to by Syfy, Steve and Jason take it upon themselves to travel up the stairs inside the creepy school. What they find is an overwhelming smell of chocolate lurking in the hallway — and nowhere else on the floor. It’s so strong, they even describe it as “delicious.”

Considering the school has not been in use for years now, could this just be the spirit of a teacher or former staff member playing tricks on them?

Check out the chilling clip above, and then continue reading below for more information on the Elizabeth V. Edwards School!

Elizabeth V. Edwards Still Roams The Halls Of Her Old School

In anticipation of the TAPS team investigating what goes bump in the night at the Barnegat school, spoke to the district’s Director of Security, Bill Cox.

Bill told us all about the Elizabeth V. Edwards school, and the paranormal encounters he and other staff have experienced over the years. However it was his first experience with the Edwards school that really left a mark.

After a late-night alarm went off in a nearby school building, Bill stopped by to check that everything was okay. Once the alarm was off and the building deemed secure, he headed back home. As he passed the abandoned school he saw that the second floor was lit up — as if someone had left the lights on in a room. He decided he would stop by and turn the lights off the following morning and proceeded home.

“The following day I told the building supervisor about it, and when I mentioned where it was he kind of seemed surprised. He asked if I were sure and I stated yes. We went over to the school which was actually still being used by certain departments at the time., and when we got to the 2nd floor cafeteria, where the school had been lit up, there were several missing ceiling tiles and a stack of fluorescent light bulbs on the floor. He proceeded to tell me there had been a leak and for at least a week the bulbs were not in place.”

Um, creepy!

Bill also told us that once a group of small children were found playing on the second floor, and when they were told to leave they claimed a woman in a “blue dress” told them it was “okay” to come inside and play. According to Bill, there is an old painting of Elizabeth V. Edwards herself hanging in the school, and in it she is wearing a blue dress!

You can see that painting of Elizabeth V. Edwards, as well as other creepy pictures, in the gallery above. Bill shared his personal photos from inside the school with us, including a photo that shows a “figure” sitting in the front row inside the school’s auditorium. Be sure to check them out before watching Ghost Hunters on Oct. 15 at 9/8c on Syfy!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think the Elizabeth V. Edwards school is haunted? Would you like to explore the abandoned school to see for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

— Lauren Cox

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