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‘Revenge’ Season 4 Premiere: Emily Takes Over Grayson Manor

Sun, September 28, 2014 11:05pm EDT by 6 Comments

Talk about an intense premiere! ‘Revenge’ returned for its fourth season on Sept. 28, and it did not disappoint! Read on to find on what went down!

Season 4 of Revenge premiered of Sept. 28, and picked up six months after the return of David Clarke (James Tupper)! Emily Thorne’s (Emily VanCamp) quest for revenge continued as she acquired Grayson manor and threw one of the most lavish parties that the Hamptons has ever seen while Victoria Greyson (Madeleine Stowe) continued to struggle in the mental hospital!

‘Revenge’ Season 4 Premiere — Victoria Remains In The Mental Hospital

It’s been six months since Conrad Grayson’s death and Victoria is still in the mental hospital. Meanwhile, Emily’s life seems very peaceful. She has bought and redecorated Greyson manor and is planning a big party, with the help of Nolan (Gabriel Mann) of course! Her trusty friend even said, ” you know what they say about the girl who gave up revenge, she lived happily ever after.”

Emily is not the only one who seemingly has her life together. Jack (Nick Wechsler) is just starting his job as a cop, even though he was accused of kidnapping Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) — quite the turn of events!

Well, in true Revenge form, the peace only lasted for so long! Victoria smuggled a phone in the hospital and used it to call her house, where of course Emily is now living. Victoria apologizes to Emily saying, “I know I hurt you” and that she wants to end their vicious cycle, but Emily is not satisfied with that, saying, ” I want my childhood back and Aiden.” I don’t think these two powerful ladies will ever bury the hatchet.

‘Revenge’: Victoria Grayson Begs Emily Thorne For Forgiveness

While Emily was busy planning her party, she got a visit from Jack — who looks amazing in a police uniform. Emily’s former husband, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) is living in the city and he and Charlotte both have no idea that their mother is even in the hospital, they believe that she is traveling to stay away from all of drama. For the first time in his entire life, Daniel is starting to have money problems, yet is still putting up a front that he can keep up with his formerly lavish lifestyle.

Speaking of lavish, Emily’s party did not disappoint, with Nolan even arriving on a throne! Charlotte surprisingly accepted Emily’s invite to the party, but had some extremely harsh words for the host, “when you want something you just take it.”

Victoria Escapes And Emily’s Plan Does Not Go As Planned

In one of Victoria’s more genius plans, she had her friend, Phyllis hide in a trunk that was confiscated and taken to a secret room within the mental facility. From there, she was able to set off the alarm and in all of the chaos, Victoria was able to waltz right out the front door — looking fabulous of course!

Of course Emily’s party could not go off without at least a little bit of drama! When one of Emily’s plans goes wrong Nolan had to set her straight and even called her an addict and said “maybe it’s time for an intervention to force you to be who you really are.”

In true Emily and Nolan fashion though, they can never stay mad at one another for long. Emily called up her good friend to apologize and explain why she wanted Nancy’s fiance’s killer to be exposed. Emily said, “that thirst has become a part of me. I don’t know who I am without it, maybe I don’t want to.”

Just when all seemed well, Emily’s doorbell rang and Victoria was of course standing on the other side saying, “hello, Amanda.” Victoria vowed revenge, but Emily was not intimidated saying, “welcome back.”  As she leaves, Victoria is grabbed from behind from David Clarke!

Looks like Amanda Clarke will not be surfacing anytime soon.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the season 4 premiere of Revenge? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Caitlin Beck 

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