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Crying Toddler Saved From Death, Locked In 111 Degree Car — Watch

Fri, September 5, 2014 9:23am EDT by Lauren Cox 9 Comments
Toddler Rescued Hot Car
Courtesy of KTVU

The dramatic rescue of a toddler boy was caught on video after he was left locked in a hot car in a shopping mall parking lot. Click inside to WATCH the firefighters saving the boy’s life.

A little boy was rescued from a scalding hot vehicle after being left alone by his mother in a shopping mall parking lot. Once firefighters arrived, they used a special tool to pop the car’s lock and pull the baby boy to safety. In the video, you can see rescuers immediately start stripping the boy of his clothes to help lower his temperature before it’s too late.

Toddler Rescued From Hot Car In San Jose — Video Below

Wow. The dramatic video of this little boy’s rescue is chilling, especially as rescuers scramble to save his life.

On Monday, Sept. 1, it was reported that a toddler had been left inside of a hot vehicle with the doors locked and the windows up on a 90 degree day in San Jose, California.

When the San Jose Fire Department arrived, they were able to pop the lock and quickly open the car. A witness caught the entire thing on video, shared it on KTVU’s Facebook page, and you can see a firefighter pull the sweating boy from inside the vehicle as the car’s alarm goes off.

Once the boy has been removed from the car, another firefighter helps strip him of his clothes before they take him away into an air conditioned ambulance to help drop his temperature. All of the firefighters involved, as well as the witnesses who called 911 to report the child being left in the car, acted heroically very quickly. If it weren’t for all of their efforts, that little boy may not have survived being in that hot car much longer.

According to reports, if the temperature that day was 92 degrees, then the temperature in the car may escalated to at least 121 degrees in 20 minutes. Terrifying.

Thankfully, reports claim the toddler was checked out at a local hospital and is in good health despite this terrifying incident.

WATCH: Toddler Rescue Caught On Video

Toddler’s Mother Faces Neglect Charges

As per usual, the mother who left the little boy alone in the car claims she was just running a quick errand and only planned to be gone a few minutes. Unfortunately, a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

Now, the San Jose Police Department is investigating the situation — and that means the boy’s mother, who remains unidentified, could face child neglect charges.

“Obviously, whatever the mother explained to the officers there at the scene and to the detective, all that’s going to play into what the DA decides to do with this case,” Officer Albert Morales told the San Jose Police Department.

Parents: It is never okay to leave your child alone inside of a vehicle. Please think first, as it could make a difference in whether or not your child lives or dies.

— Lauren Cox

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