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Earthquake In San Francisco: 6.0 Quake Injures 70, Destroys Buildings

Sun, August 24, 2014 11:02am EDT by 1 Comment
San Francisco Earthquake
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A 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the Napa Valley region in California early on August 24, totally destroying buildings and leaving at least 70 injured.

Northern California was rocked by a 6.0 quake early on Aug. 24; the giant earthquake had a depth of 6.7 miles, reports The United States Geological Survey, and it left at least 70 people injured as well as historic buildings and homes destroyed.

San Francisco Earthquake With 6.0 Magnitude Injured 70 & Destroyed Buildings

Four homes were destroyed after the earthquake when a fire broke out in a mobile home park, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Firefighters are unclear on how the fire started, though natural gas is a likely factor. Tragically, one resident lost her kitten in the blaze.

A resident receiving care in the Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa reported that a dresser fell on her face, and hospital staff have set up a triage tent in the back parking lot to receive the high number of patients who had sustained injuries during the massive quake.

San Francisco Earthquake On Aug. 24 The Largest Since 1989

Several buildings in the downtown Napa area have been destroyed, and the downtown area is currently littered with broken glass, bricks, and chunks of concrete, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting. Debris has even landed on parked cars, causing even more untold damage.

The quake also left upwards of 15,000 without power.

Numerous residents described the earthquake as an almost gentle “rolling” sensation, rather than a shaking one. This quake is the largest the Bay Area has seen since 1989, when a 6.7-magnitude event killed 62 people.

Said California Governor Jerry Brown in a statement:

“My Office of Emergency Services has been on full activation since early this morning and is working closely with state and local emergency managers, first responders and transportation officials to respond to impacts to residents and critical infrastructure. These public safety officials are doing all they can to help residents and those living in affected areas should follow their guidance and instruction.”

Our thoughts go out to those affected by the quake and we can only hope that there were no severe injuries.

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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