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Girl, 14, Sent Eerie Text To Boyfriend Before Being Found Dead In Woods

Wed, July 30, 2014 9:41am EDT by Lauren Cox 7 Comments
Murdered Teen Text
Courtesy of Facebook

‘I think I’m being kidnapped,’ was the last text message April Millsap sent before going missing while walking her dog in the woods. Just hours later her lifeless body was discovered being guarded by her beloved pet. So sad.

April Millsap, 14, was just walking her dog, Penny, in the woods near her home just like she did every night when suddenly something went wrong. First, April sent a terrifying text message to her boyfriend — and then she stopped responding. Hours later it was Penny who got a pair of joggers’ attention by barking, leading them to find April’s body in a ditch.

Girl Sends Strange Text Message Before Being Killed

The circumstances surrounding April’s death on Thursday night, July 24, are incredibly mysterious.

April, a middle school student in Armada, Michigan, was doing something that was just part of her daily routine when she was killed.

“OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped,” is the full text message she sent to her boyfriend, Austin, before she disappeared. At the time, she was walking her dog on the Macomb Orchard Trail, reports the Daily Mail.

The next thing Austin knew, his girlfriend was dead in a drainage ditch being guarded by her beloved dog, Penny. If it weren’t for Penny staying by April’s side, police officials may not have discovered April’s body so quickly.

Investigators believe that the text message was sent right around the time she was killed, but they don’t know whether or not April actually sent it.

“We don’t know who sent it — if it was April, if it was the killer, or someone else,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw.

Making matters even worse, the devastated members of April’s friends and family believe that she may have known her killer. After all, Armada is just a small town in Michigan — the population is about 2,000.

“This is what we think. It’s almost like it had to be something like somebody knew them,” April’s grandfather, Dennis Lavans, said. “We can’t think of any other reason. We can’t come up with any other logical reason.”

April’s Mom Is ‘Just Existing’ After Losing Her Daughter

There is no greater fear for a parent than losing their child, especially in such a tragic way. It’s unthinkable.

Unfortunately, April’s poor mother, Jennifer Millsap, 43, is currently experiencing the unthinkable.

“I’m just existing. I’m just numb,” Jennifer told the Detroit Free Press on Monday, July 28.

The town of Armada has been shaken by this tragedy, and police revealed that they have received over 600 tips in regards to April’s death. Right now, they have a sketch of a man said to be in his 20’s who was seen on the trail around the time April went missing. They are also looking for a dented box-like van, which was seen in the area at that time with two men in it — leading investigators to believe April might have been followed.

Police have not revealed how April was killed, but they have confirmed that she was not “shot or killed.” They have also ruled out April’s boyfriend and family as suspects in her murder.

Our thoughts go out to April’s friends and family at this difficult time.

— Lauren Cox

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