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Tiffany Houghton Reveals Love Story Behind New Song ’17 Again’

Sat, April 5, 2014 3:30pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

Tiffany Houghton has a lot in common with Holly Golightly! The 20-year-old singer just released her new single, ’17 Again’ and promoted it with a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ theme. chatted with Tiff all about the reference and the boy who inspired the hit.

Tiffany Houghton definitely looks up to Audrey Hepburn as an “intelligent woman,” and it comes across in her music that she definitely is one too. On March 17, she released her new song “17 Again,” and while it’s all about love, that’s not the only thing that gets her through — she’s 100 percent about her friends, family and of course, her fans.

Tiffany Houghton Premieres ’17 Again’

“I wrote ’17 Again’ when I was in the process of moving to Nashville to pursue music,” the singer told at a sit down interview with her. “I left behind a boy to pursue my dream and it was just so hard. When I moved out, I was working really hard and trying to meet people, and trying to play for people and trying to put on a happy face. One night, I just started crying and I wrote ’17 Again.’ I was just so honest, and it was a very vulnerable time for me.”

As for the theme of it all, Tiffany has always looked up to Audrey Hepburn and a line from the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” was in her head when writing her new song.

“It’s when she’s sending off Doc and she’s like, ‘I love you Doc, but I’m just not Lula Mae anymore.’ I actually wrote the boy that I left, a letter when I moved that essentially said the same thing,” she revealed. “I think there are a lot of different parallels between Holly in that movie and a lot of what I’m doing. I wanted to reenact that scene because it’s the first time in that movie that this new vulnerable side to her is presented, so we did.”

As for the boy she left behind . . . well he knows the song is about him!

“Every line in the song is about everything we did, [and] everything we said. So if he hears the song, he definitely knows it’s about him,” she told us. “I definitely wish him well obviously, he never broke my heart.”

However, she doesn’t have time for anything serious at the moment (unless it’s Nick Jonas).

“I went on a great date last night. It was a spontaneous, unexpected thing,” she told us. “To be honest, I’m just focused on music. I have a lot of good friends but at the end of the day, we are all very focused on what we are doing and I would say right now it’s music.”

Tiffany Houghton Reveals Celeb Crush & The Importance Of Her ‘Tif-fanies’

Here’s the rest of our Q&A with Tiffany:

HL: What can fans expect as your music continues?
TH: There are different themes for sure. I actually wrote a song called ‘Your Own Enemy,’ which is a song I wrote for my fans. It’s a song I started when I was 12. Sometimes they come in 30 mins, sometimes they take me eight years to write. I finally finished it and it’s everything I want to say to them.

HL: What’s it like when you meet an artist that you’ve covered?
TH: It’s really cool. A lot of them love the covers so it’s awesome to hear that they love them. Then they tweet it out or post something. It’s cool. I love when artists are fans of other artists and I see that a lot.

HL: Who is an artist you are dying to meet?
TH: Nick Jonas. He is my band boy! Every girl has their guy in middle school or high school that were in love with. Mine is Nick Jonas, I love him! I see him a lot in LA while I’m driving and I have to pull over my car because I freak out. It’s so embarrassing. It’s happened to me two times on Santa Monica Blvd. and I need to emotionally prepare myself in that kind of thing.

HL: What’s it like performing for high schools and colleges?
TH: It’s been so much fun. Getting to go out and see my fans in person and see people that I tweet at and getting their story and getting to tell them mine, is such an intimate and wonderful part of what I do. I do meet and greets! This one girl drove four hours, brought her friends and had messaged out all my fans and had gotten tons of letters and artwork to bring. Someone had drawn this gorgeous picture of “Love Like That,” the cover. Someone drew a picture of these records, they gave me a marvel t-shirt because I’m obsessed with superheroes. Someone gave me a necklace that says Ti-Fanies because [they are] my fans. Reading the letters is the most inspiring thing in the world.

HL: What’s a moment in your career you can pinpoint that was huge for you?
I have moments like when I’m on stage. I wrote a song called “Glitter.” I had a moment when I was playing it for the first time, and I look down and there was a girl with tears in her eyes and we just had this moment. It was like I was speaking to her and those moments come in flashes and they are quick and they are so special.

HL: You’ve traveled everywhere. What are some of your favorite cities you have gone to?
I played at Seton Hill. Their college looks like Hogwarts! I was going through the halls looking for Harry Potter. They were incredible! So many people came and they were all into the music. I had fans that stayed so long after and we all got to talk. Mercy Hurst was good too. Teddy Geiger played that same night too. It was such a good crowd, such nice people. I had fans that drove so many hours to come out. It was just fun.

HL: What is the hardest part about getting bigger and bigger?
TH: I guess I’m more affected by negativity than I should because everything is coming from my heart so I’m putting so much on the line for people to say bad things about. Because I make myself vulnerable, it definitely gives people an opportunity to hurt me. I think happiness is surrounding yourself with good things and positivity so I try to stay away from it.

Of course, I had to throw in one part of girl talk since it’s Tiffany and we all see how much she loves to get all dolled up!

HL: What beauty product you can’t live without?
Probably, toothpaste. I can’t live without toothpaste. [I would die] without Chap Stick. I really love the orange mascara from Covergirl! [We’re thinking she’s talking about LashBlast Waterproof mascara!]

Stay tuned for more music from Tiffany Houghton, and in the meantime check out her on VEVO page and follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

— Emily Longeretta

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