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Justin Bieber: Taylor Swift Is Jealous Of Selena Gomez’s Happy Reunion

Wed, March 12, 2014 3:39pm EDT by 80 Comments

Taylor has been bad-mouthing the Biebs to her BFF for more than a year, and now that Justin and Selena are back together, Taylor is livid. But Justin thinks the ’22’ singer is actually just jealous of his happy reunion with Selena, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Justin Bieber is convinced that Taylor Swift doesn’t have Selena Gomez‘s best interests at heart. He thinks the real reason the Red singer has been trying to sabotage the on-again couple’s relationship is because she’s green with envy over their love! Justin knows “haters come in all shapes and sizes and disguises, including a best friend,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Taylor Swift On Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Dating Again: She’s Jealous Of BFF

Taylor has always been Selena’s most outspoken friend when it comes to Justin, and after the pair reunited for a romantic breakfast date in McAllen, Texas on March 7, Taylor decided to give Selena an ultimatum: Dump the Biebs or kiss our friendship goodbye. But Justin isn’t at all worried about Taylor driving a wedge between him and Selena.

“He doesn’t care that Taylor gets in Selena’s ear and runs him in the ground for filth. Whatever. He knows Selena is not listening to her at all when it comes to him and even if she did, he knows she’d still be by his
side,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Haters come in all shapes and sizes and disguises, including a best friend. Truth be told, Justin thinks that Taylor is ruining her friendship with Selena by yapping and telling her that he’s a bad guy. Selena will see Taylor for what she’s worth in the end — a bitter and jealous girl.”

Ouch! Those are fighting words. But we’re sorry to say that Justin is probably right about one thing — Selena would choose Justin’s love over Taylor’s friendship if it came down to it.

“Literally, Justin never speaks Taylor’s name and neither does Selena around him,” our source says. “He’s cool with Selena being friends with Taylor and it’s cool that Taylor tries to c*ck-block all the time. But she’ll never succeed and that’s clearly evident.”

Taylor Swift’s Ultimatum To Selena Gomez: Choose Me Or Justin Bieber

But if Selena wants to be with the Biebs, she really better be prepared to lose Taylor as a friend.

“[Taylor] is already aware of them getting together and hates the latest developments with Selena and Justin,” the source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She finds Justin to be one of the worst people she has ever met. She hates him and hates that he has this control over Selena.”

This isn’t the first time Taylor has begged her BFF to stay away from her ex, but it’s going to be the last time. “She has tried over and over to tell Selena he is awful for her and she doesn’t listen,” the source said, “so now she is going to give the ultimatum to Selena by the end of the weekend — friendship or Justin!”

So HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Taylor is jealous of Selena? Let us know!

— Written by Tierney McAfee, Reporting by Eric Ray

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