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‘Dexter’ Recap: Dexter Morgan Gets A New Mother

Sun, July 7, 2013 10:01pm EDT by 3 Comments
Dexter Season 8 Episode 2 Recap
Courtesy of Showtime

Dexter’s got a lot on his plate — Debra’s disintegrating, Dr. Evelyn Vogel is onto him, and oh yeah, there’s a guy scooping out brains all over Miami. Just another day in the life!

When we last left Dexter (Michael C. Hall), Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) had dropped that bomb — she knew about Harry’s (James Remar) code. How?

Dr. Vogel: The Creator Of Harry’s Code

Well it turns out she not only knows about it, she invented it. Back when Dexter was a child, Harry sought the psychopath expert out to help him deal with Dexter’s dark urges. And so the serial killer who only kills bad guys was born. Gotta say — I love this development.

“I can’t help but think of myself as your spiritual mother,” Dr. Evelyn — sort of creepily — tells Dexter. “You’re perfect,” she tells Dexter as she wraps her arms around him in a nurturing way.

The Brain Scooper Strikes Again

Anyways, the other new person in Dexter’s life, the Brain-Scooper-Outer guy, is making contact with Dr. Evelyn. Apparently he or she is an old patient back to exact revenge. And since Dexter sorta owes Evelyn now, he agrees to hunt down the guy (pretty sure he was gonna do that anyways though).

The Brain Scooper (we’ve gotta think of a better name for this guy) has made a second kill. And though it at first appears that the killer has been revealed, and that Dexter has been able to track him down, we find out that the Brain Scooper actually forced someone to do the killing this time, and then shot that guy in the head — three kills make a trend!

Debra Or Dexter Morgan: Who’s The Real Killer In The Family?

Now, let’s talk about Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter). After seeing Dexter murder her jewel thief mark (and/or boyfriend?), she’s even more screwed up, and she still doesn’t have the diamonds she was supposed to recover.

So she’s on the hunt — unfortunately someone’s hunting her. Namely El Sapo, a mob hit man who is also out for the diamonds. He lets Deb lead the way to the goods, then kicks the crap out of her and steals them. El Sapo, 1, Debra Morgan, 0, right? Wrong — Debra’s able to track down this hulky goatee of a man, despite getting locked in a storage unit, and puts three bullets through his car and him.

Dex pulls a few strings to cover for Deb so that she doesn’t get caught, which sets up an interesting web where Debra hates Dexter but now owes him immensely. As much as she says she wants to get away from him, she either actually can’t or won’t.

But it looks like the Morgan family now really has two killers in the family. And considering how Debra handled her first kill (cocaine — remember?), things are surely about to get ugly.

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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