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‘KUWTK’ Recap: Rob Kardashian Has A Warrant Issued For His Arrest

Sun, June 30, 2013 11:27pm EDT by Chloe Melas 12 Comments
Rob Kardashian Assault
Courtesy of E!

Rob is accused of assaulting a photographer on the June 30 episode of ‘KUWTK’ and Kris Jenner is an emotional wreck over it! She keeps saying that it’s her fault and she’s a bad mom.

Rob Kardashian just can’t seem to prove to his family that he’s a responsible adult. On the June 30 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Rob finds out that he may go to jail!

Rob Kardashian Going To Jail?

Rob calls his mom Kris Jenner because he has just learned that a female photographer is pressing assault charges against him! Kris is so worried and feels like the entire situation is her fault because she should be protecting her son. But just when Rob thinks he can handle all of this on his own, the police issue a warrant for his arrest!

Rob hires Todd Shapiro, a top attorney who goes with him to court. Meanwhile, Kris is crying nonstop because she’s worried Rob is going to jail. Luckily, Rob avoids the slammer and calls Kris to reassure her that all is fine and he didn’t get his mugshot taken.

But the issue is even larger than jail time. Kris and the entire Kardashian family believe that Rob is depressed. Kris really wants to help him, so she calls a therapist to come over and talk to her. She starts crying and says that she feels like a “bad mother” because she can’t help Rob be happy. When Kris tells Rob that she wants him to see someone, he starts yelling at her and tells her it’s not going to happen.

Rob feels like no one in his family takes him seriously. Earlier in the episode, Rob calls his family and tells them that his car is stolen but they don’t believe him. This could be the root of where his problems are coming from!

“No, actually … I took a cab home because y’all are d**kheads who couldn’t come pick me up,” Rob says to his family. “It’s just f**ked up that you all thought I was lying and didn’t come pick me up. You guys suck!”

This is really sad because it seems like no one ever listens to Rob! The reality star claims that he wants to lose weight and that a year from now he’ll be happier than ever. But Kris tells Rob that she’s tired of him spending all day hiding out in his room, eating and avoiding the world.

It’s very sad to see Rob like this and we hope he gets help. Do you think that Rob needs to go to counseling?

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— Chloe Melas

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