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Amanda Berry’s Daughter, 6, Cried ‘I Want My Daddy’ After Rescue

Wed, May 8, 2013 5:34pm EDT by 37 Comments
Amanda Berry Ariel Castro Daughter
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When Charles Ramsey heroically rescued Amanda Berry and her young daughter from his neighbor Ariel Castro’s basement in Ohio, the terrified woman revealed her little girl was fathered by her own captor. Watch his shocking CNN interview.

Charles Ramsey, the man credited with rescuing all three women who were held captive in an Ohio basement, was the first person to see Amanda Berry, 27, and her young daughter Jocelyn, 6, after they escaped Ariel Castro‘s basement. Charles revealed to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that both escaped women were extremely frightened — and little Jocelyn cried for her father.

Amanda Berry: Ariel Castro Is Her Daughter’s Father

Charles heard people screaming near his neighbor Ariel Castro’s house, and walked out to find a woman in the basement crying for help. When Charles broke through the door and let Amanda and her daughter out, he discovered the shocking truth of Jocelyn’s father.

“That little girl came out the house and she was crying,” Charles told Anderson in a one-on-one interview. “And I’m looking at her, right, I’m like your mama trying to help you, girl, shut up. I don’t know, right. And she’s like I want my daddy. And I said, who’s her daddy? She said Ariel.”

“I said well, how’s that possible? Because you wouldn’t — if you got kidnapped, he was having sex with you? Oh, Jesus. That little girl is his?” Charles added.

Charles Ramsey’s Heroic Rescue Of Amanda Berry & Daughter

Charles also detailed the shocking moment he heard people crying for help — and how he ended up saving three women and one little girl from captivity.

“Heard that girl scream and… Amanda said, I’m stuck in here, help get me out… So here I come with my, you know, half eaten Big Mac and I looked and I said well, what’s up. And she’s like I’ve been trapped in here, he won’t let me out, me and my baby.  I said well, we ain’t going to talk no more, come on.  I’m trying to get the door open, I can’t, because he torture chambered it some kind of way and locked it up, right?  So I did what I had to do and kicked the bottom of the door, and she crawled out of it. She grabs her baby, which threw me off, all right, so fine. I got some girl and her kid.”

They ran over to Charles’ house and both called 911. Police arrived at the scene and found two other women held captive. The owner of the house, Ariel, 52, and his brothers Onil, 50, and Pedro Castro, 54 were all arrested.

So sad. What do YOU think of Amanda’s daughter crying for her dad, HollywoodLifers?

WATCH: Charles Ramsey Talks Amanda Berry With Anderson Cooper

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