‘Spartacus': 5 Biggest Shockers From The Series Finale

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SPOILER ALERT! ‘Spartacus: War of the Damned’ ended its run on Apr. 12 with a blood-soaked shocker of a finale. Read on to find out the five things about the episode that truly took our breath away!

The third and final season of Spartacus, titled “War of the Damned,” has been working its way through the (historically accurate) slave rebellion led by Spartacus from 73 to 71 BCE. We finally got the climax of that war with the show’s series finale, which aired on Apr. 12. And boy, we were blown away!

‘Spartacus’ Series Finale: The 5 Most Shocking Things

1. The Finale Was ‘300,’ ‘Gladiator’ & ‘Braveheart’ All Rolled Into One!

Spartacus leading the rebels against the Roman Empire truly had all the elements of the classic battle movies. The music, the fight choreography, the violence — it was all there. We were especially reminded of Gerard Butler in 300 when Spartacus leaped at his archenemy Crassus.

2. ‘Spartacus’ Finale Was Surprisingly Tame

For shows like Game of Thrones that lead the way in premium cable TV, sex and nudity (otherwise known as “sexposition”) seem to be a pretty integral element. Over its three seasons, Spartacus has been no different. But the finale on Apr. 12 was shockingly void of all that. And we’re thankful for it — we like a good sex scene as much as the next guy, but sometimes there are wars to be fought. The finale did a good job of driving that home.

3. Gannicus Bites The Dust

One of the show’s most badass characters was brutally — and sadly — killed during the finale. After being surrounded by Roman soldiers, Gannicus was captured and mercilessly crucified along with other rebel fighters. But in a touching final moment, the strong warrior saw his fallen friend, Oenomaus smiling at him. If he had to die, this was the way to go.

4. Spartacus: Our Hero Dies!

History tells us that the slave rebellion was squashed by the Roman Empire, but that Spartacus’ body was never actually found, so we were holding out hope that he would somehow make it out alive. No sir. In the midst of fighting Crassus, Spartacus was suddenly speared in the back by a nameless solider! Talk about a surprise. Though if we’re being honest — we agree that the best way to end this gory show was to have the hero meet his demise at the end, so we applaud the writers for making that hard choice.

5. Crassus Didn’t Kill Spartacus

This is where Spartacus really differed from the classic battle movie/TV tropes. No matter what — the good guy will always meet the bad guy on the field of battle, and one of them will kill the other. But in the finale, a random soldier did Crassus’ dirty work! “It gives it, just a little hint, of the cowardly Romans,” Spartacus showrunner Steven S. DeKnight explained to Entertainment Weekly.

The series finale of Spartacus was amazing. It took a ton out of us, but in the best way possible. There won’t be another show like it in some time, and we’ll miss it.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!

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– Andrew Gruttadaro

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Chris Walker

Posted at 12:52 AM on February 10, 2015  

I honestly believe you guys should end it the way it was intended. Make a movie idc….but the whole show just feels like a waste now that spartacus died. The gods showed him a vision of how to take rome down because of all the ccorrupted and wrong crap they believe and do.

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Posted at 11:24 PM on February 3, 2015  

i am one of the fan of this super excellent movie..this is one of my favorite movies ever since i’ve watched it..but sadly i was dismayed because Spartacus died… plz…. make another season in where Spartacus alive and it was only a nightmare that he was dead….i’m super duper expecting..

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Posted at 5:00 AM on January 13, 2015  

Oo Gosh!!!! I’m truly not happy with how this series ends, cox spartacus has to earn’s what he forth for that is to gain his freedom but why will he die without gaining it? This just a mess. Please do what ever u can to continue this movie and make him earn’s his freedom

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Posted at 4:59 PM on January 9, 2015  

Spartacus its the best movie in the world,one in amillion,,I’ve watched all the movie in the world and still am watching but spartacus was my favorite movie of all time,,and still its my favorite movie,,and it wil always be my best and favorite movie,,

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amadu jalloh

Posted at 1:14 PM on November 9, 2014  

Only my comment, will not change your mind,but on behalf of all spartacus fans i think there’s majority who is demanding a release of season 5 including me .

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Posted at 5:09 PM on August 25, 2014  

Noooo not gannicus damn the god of the arena smh it should of been more season to it although it was a great series make a #5 even tho it would be nothin witout gannicus n spartacus

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Posted at 11:18 PM on August 21, 2014  

The best show I have ever seen….it will be sadly missed there will never be another one like it..

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Posted at 12:10 PM on August 13, 2014  

What a fabulous series! The only thing I would have liked would have been to have Spartacus’s child to have survived his falls onto the rocks with his ‘masters’ wife. So then even though the hero died valiantly his life-line would live on.

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Posted at 11:09 AM on July 30, 2014  

Please continue the series, I didn’t like how it ended, Spartacus didn’t die young he lived to be older per Wikipedia. Nothing will ever top Spartacus.

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Posted at 7:36 PM on July 21, 2014  

I would pay a million $ to watch the spactacus season 5 please continue it

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Stefan Stojanovski

Posted at 7:58 PM on July 14, 2014  

the best tv serie- continiue season 5

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Posted at 9:16 PM on July 7, 2014  

Star production this film, please make continous this film. Because i am this film about friendly, love and war.

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Posted at 4:20 AM on June 4, 2014  

I don’t like how the film ”spartercus” end i think he should gain freedom even if is still going to die, even crixus wife deserve not to die also…..you can continue the film by saying it is dream for those legend to have dead

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Posted at 2:25 PM on June 3, 2014  

plz continue spartacus movie

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Mohamed fb marrah

Posted at 4:38 PM on May 29, 2014  

Spartacus is a grat movie but why did he die with out having victory in his side.

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mikhaile malenki

Posted at 10:19 PM on May 14, 2014  

Is there any latest movie of spatacus after the final battle?

Iam really interested in fiuollowing up with any continuing movies after the final battle.

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Posted at 3:11 PM on May 11, 2014  

Plz keep continue making spartacus..

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