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‘Revenge’ Recap: Jack Makes A Shocking Discovery About Amanda

Sun, March 10, 2013 11:40pm EDT by 20 Comments
Revenge Amanda Death Recap
Courtesy of ABC

Whenever someone dies on ‘Revenge,’ that’s when their true colors tend to come out — and Amanda is no exception.

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) kicked off the March 10 episode of Revenge by storming through her house, flipping tables, tearing up everything in her sight, cleaning Amanda’s (Margarita Levieva) blood off her body and loading guns. She lost another person she loved, and people were going to pay — specifically, the Graysons.

Back at Grayson Global, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) was completely oblivious — as usual — to everything happening and just sat at his desk, scheming about how to get more money and power. And how to deceive his parents! As his ego grew two sizes that day, Aiden brought him down a few notches when he basically demanded a seat on the board, since he brought NolCorp into the hands of Grayson Global.

He agreed, but not without introducing an opportunity for blackmail; Daniel gave Aiden control of specific funds, and planned to watch him like a hawk to make sure he did nothing to suggest he was part of The Initiative. Speaking of demands, Daniel also threatened Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to destroy his genius computer program. However, he gave the program and the decision to turn it into The Initiative, to Padma.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trask — or as I like to call him, “creepy Initiative man” who somewhat resembles “Thin Man” from Charlie’s Angels — was exploiting Daniel Grayson (again, oblivious) and investigating the boat incident. While Jack (Nick Wechsler) laid in a hospital bed, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) identified Amanda’s body and tended to baby Carl.

But just when you thought things couldn’t get sadder than Emily held Amanda’s lifeless body in her arms, she then had to break the news to Jack. In a moment of anger, Jack smashed a memory of Amanda, which led to the revelation of a key that unlocked a locker at the marina, which housed the computer Amanda used to blackmail Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny)!

After everything he had been through, Jack should officially earn his degree in Revenge. He suspected Conrad had a hand in the boat scandal, and therefore Amanda’s death as well, so he jumped aboard the Revenge bandwagon, now more than ever. He discovered that Amanda and Emily were like sisters, and now had a personal vendetta against his once-closest friend. (Poor Jack, if you only knew!)

Emily gave the eulogy at Amanda’s funeral and set her revenge-sights on Charlotte, the only person that — if eliminated — could destroy Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). Oh, and real-Amanda’s foster brother showed up to mourn the loss of his sister. Next week, he’ll discover that his actual foster sister is, well, not-so-dead.

— Jaymie Bailey

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