‘Teen Mom’ Love Triangle: Dalis Accuses Maci Of Flirting With Ryan

Wed, September 12, 2012 3:02pm EST by 9 Comments
Teen Mom reunion Maci Bookout
Courtesy of MTV

On the ‘Teen Mom’ reunion, Maci admitted that she turned to Ryan for comfort after her breakup with Kyle, and Dalis is NOT happy with their flirty text exchanges. Read on to find out what happened.

When Maci Bookout told Dr. Drew Pinksy during the finale reunion special of Teen Mom that not only were she and Kyle King broken up, but that her ex Ryan Edwards helped her get through it, the audience was stunned — and Ryan’s girlfriend Dalis Connell was fuming.

“Ryan has been very supportive of me and my decisions that I’ve made since (the break-up with Kyle) happened,” Maci told Dr. Drew.

When he asked her how she felt about Ryan’s girlfriend Dalis, the 21-year-old hinted that there is still some resentment between the two.

“I think she’s very responsible, but what bothers me is I think that she thinks of Ryan’s ex-girlfriend rather than Bentley‘s mother.”

But even Dr. Drew said he noticed Ryan being nicer to Maci lately, and when Bentley’s dad joined his ex on the couch, he admitted why.

“She had a few other things going on, she called me and told me her grandfather died and I needed to watch Bentley,” he said. Maci’s breakup with Kyle came the same week as the unfortunate news of her grandfather, but Ryan stepped up to lend a helping hand!

Dalis and Maci go head-to-head

Tension grew to a boiling point when Dalis came out to join them on stage, and she accused Maci of flirting with Ryan and trying to turn him against her.

“You, you said, ‘you’d have a better time with me,’” Dalis said, and Maci fired back, “I really don’t think you want to go there, because then I’m going to bring something (up) that you really don’t want to hear.”

Although Ryan played dumb to the whole ordeal, Maci dropped a bombshell — it was Ryan who initiated the flirtatious conversation during their vacation.

“I was at dinner with my girlfriends, Ryan called me, said him and Dalis were fighting, and that he wanted to come to my room, and hang out with us and go out with us,” Maci said. She then said Ryan denied the whole conversation, and only told Dalis that Maci had been texting him the whole time.

Ryan’s new girlfriend was not pleased, and accused Maci of still “trying to get with Ryan, texting Ryan.” She added, “I’ve seen the text messages.”

It was very clear throughout this final season that Maci still had some jealousy toward Dalis — remember when she said she “didn’t have a chance” during their beach vacation? — and it seems the resentment hasn’t completely gone away.

Maci and Kyle are back together, and Ryan and Dalis are still going strong, but as co-parents to one toddler caught in the middle, it looks like the arguments are far from over.

Check out the clip below:

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What do YOU think of Dalis and Maci’s exchange HollyMoms?


– Christina Stiehl

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Posted at 6:10 PM on October 29, 2012  

It seems like dalis is jealous of maci… Knowing the fact that there was something there between maci and ryan or maybe there still is something there…

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Posted at 10:45 AM on October 12, 2012  

Dalis is obviously jealous of Maci. Yes, Ryan SEEMS nicer to Dalis but look at his track record of treating Maci like dirt. only time will tell but one thing is for sure and that is that Ryan will always be connected to Maci for life like it or not while women like Dalis will come and go. From what I see of her on the show, she’s insecure and jealous and she needs to stop getting in between Bentley’s parents business. Most of you like her but i watch the show with my niece and in my 30’s and I’m not sitting there thinking “o Dalis is so pretty, she’s so good for
Ryan” blah blah. In my eyes Ryan is being a little too nice to Dalis like he’s putting on a show. Almost like he’s trying to get Macis attention like he’s rubbing in her face how he’s good to someone else now that she’s doing ok. Ryan won’t change. Wake up.

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Posted at 11:03 AM on October 7, 2012  

Kyle always felt as though he was a third wheel! And more like just maci friend other than significant other!
Soooo with that all said….I honestly believe that’s whys maci can’t find true happiness

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Posted at 11:06 AM on October 7, 2012  

Actually that does make a lot of sense. I have thought similar on several occasions

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Posted at 10:58 AM on October 7, 2012  

Whelps.. I think maci is very resentful of dalis n Ryan’s relationship because Ryan treats dalis like a person. And with love n respect!
Ryan treated maci like dirt..his enemy from day one!
So of course maci would resent their relationship!
I mean afterall… maci did give Ryan a child!

I do think maci is way to controlling of every situation and needs to get a grip before she looses eveverything!
Her trying to hold reign over Ryan is what pushed Kyle away.
No doubt Kyle always felt as a thi

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Posted at 5:54 AM on September 13, 2012  

Maci was jealous! She was so unhappy that she built up Her and Kyle’s relationship as being perfect and it wasn’t! Maci is a control freak and she enjoys making decisions about Bentley without conferring with Ryan! That is what is upsetting! Maci will always have regrets in regards to Ryan because she thought she always knew it all! When it comes down to it, Dalis is the person that Ryan was meant to be with and Dalis is Ryan’s true love. In regards to Maci and Ryan, it goes to state, if our going to have teen sex, or sex period and you are not ready for a child, use preventative measures for pregnancy!

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Posted at 4:11 AM on September 14, 2012  

How in the fk would you know if Dalis is Ryan’s true love? Sounds like you are into Fairy tales. You have no idea what the future holds. Ridiculous.

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Posted at 12:37 AM on October 3, 2012  

Dalis and Ryan are so young. True love? How about simply “young love.” The thing is, Ryan and Macy will always have a connection because they were their first loves, and of course, they have a child together.

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Nestle Enoughty

Posted at 3:07 PM on September 12, 2012  

@ this piont mAci is in a better place now and that was @ that time when Maci & her boyfriend had broken up so only Maci can tell if she’s jealous or not jealous of Ryan Gf Dalis

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