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Halle Berry: Separating Your Daughter Nahla From Her Father Is Irresponsible

Mon, August 20, 2012 7:35pm EDT by 34 Comments
Halle Berry Custody Battle

Halle is going to court to try and move Nahla to Paris even though it means ripping her away from her father Garbriel Aubrey. Here’s why that’s wrong!

Halle Berry has been engaging in a fierce custody battle with her ex Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahla Aubry, 4. Halle wants to move to France to be with her fiance, Olivier Martinez, but alleges that Paris is a safer place for celebrity children and is further away from the aggressive American paparazzi.

However, moving her daughter to across the world is more of a vindictive parenting move than a safety concern.

Ever since Halle split from Gabriel, she has been pitting her daughter against him, and trying to make moves to one-up him as a parent.

Last summer, she accused her model ex of being a neglectful parent, and slapped him with a dossier that outlined everything he allegedly did to put their daughter at risk!

That’s not all — later that year, she filed papers to hold Gabriel in contempt for violating their custody agreement, although the exact reasoning was never really revealed.

Now Halle wants to a custody agreement so she can move Nahla to Paris, where they would live with Halle’s fiance — even though it would tear the little girl away from her father, who desperately wants regular visitation with his daughter.

Blaming The Paparazzi

Halle alleges that the paparazzi in Los Angeles is too aggressive, and her daughter would be safer in France. But isn’t being near her dad more important than a few nosey photographers?

Besides, it’s not like Halle is Kate Middleton or even a Kardashian sister — claims of paparazzi “stalking” seem a bit over-exaggerated. Sure it’s annoying, but hire a body guard — regular visitations for Nahla and Gabriel should be a priority.

It sounds more like the Monster’s Ball actress is using photographers as another excuse to yet again take a jab at her ex. But intentionally putting her innocent daughter in the middle of such an aggressive feud is not only immature, but also unhealthy.

Expert Opinion

“Nahla is growing up in unique circumstances [by] being the daughter of someone so famous, but to add this unecessary distance between she and her father is dangerous,” Dr. Phil Dembo, child and parenting expert, told EXCLUSIVELY.

Because Nahla is so young, this forced separation can cause severe anguish and emotional strain.

“The deep rooted pain and struggle with self worth a child grows up with is huge when they know a parent chose not to be with them or be apart of their life,” Dr. Phil Dembo continued. “For Nahla, the same dynamic in her growth may be present. But for her, its her mother who is forcing the separation and abandonment.”

“Nahla, like all children, need to have daily and weekly rituals that include both parents if at all possible,” he insisted. “Divorce challenges that need as it is, but moving to France makes it almost impossible.”

If Halle were really looking out for her daughter, she would compromise and stay in Los Angeles, or at least the United States. Then she could travel to France herself while Nahla had visitation with her father Gabriel

What do YOU think HollyMoms? Should Halle be able to move to France with her daughter?

— Christina Stiehl

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