Stephenie Meyer Urges ‘Twilight’ Fans: Don’t Name Your Child Renesmee

Fri, August 10, 2012 12:24pm EST by 48 Comments
Stephenie Meyer Entertainment Weekly
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment/SplashNews

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Posted at 3:41 AM on December 31, 2014  

My name is actually Reneesme. Spelled differently, but close enough. The pronounciation is the same. I was born in 1984 and I do like my name, but ever since that darned Twilight book came out, the teasing from friends and, more frequently, my siblings is getting old.
I have one namesake, my mum’s brother Esme, while Renee was just a name mum liked. She, to this day, says that Reneesme is no different than Julianne, Rosemary, etc. The nicknames people come up with are ridiculous, though. Especially the one in the book. Really? Nessie? I hated it. It sounded like she was the Lochness monster or something. I’ve had a few people call me that. That and Rennie, which made me gag. I prefer Emmy.

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Posted at 2:06 AM on August 3, 2014  

I love the name! And when I get older I do want to name my daughter renesmee because I think it is a beautiful, remarkable, intelligence, different name I don’t think that people should play around with names. I am going to name my daughter and if people do play around with the name i am going to protect my daughter and nobody should joke around with that name. My names different and I dont care I love that my name is different and nobody is not going to change my mind about that name. When I last check this is a free state.

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Posted at 2:27 PM on July 9, 2013  

I probably wouldn’t name my child Renesmee, because even though I love Twilight my child probably wouldn’t appreciate always been thought of as a Twilight baby. But I think the name is kind of pretty actually. Certainly not the strangest I’ve seen.

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Posted at 9:15 PM on November 27, 2012  

My name is Renesmee, but my parents did not name me after twilight. I love my name and the twilight saga, though. I go by Ren for short.

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Posted at 9:42 PM on January 19, 2013  

My name is Isabella and I always get referred to the Twilight character even though I was named and born in 1996. You’d have to be born 6 years ago to be named Renesmee, the author made up the name. You are obviously a troll.

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Michelle Brovey

Posted at 3:59 PM on November 2, 2012  

I got the idea of my daughter’s name from the TV show ER, I had not heard the name Chloe before that. I was a teenager at the time I saw the series. I definitely did not name her after the actual character though. I think it actress Sherry Stringfield who was Dr. Susan Lewis in the TV show ER, her drug addicted sister was named Chloe, she raised her baby, till the sister came back supposedly better and took the baby. So it is more like did you hear a name from a show and just like the sound of it? Chloe ended up being a pretty popular name which I had hoped would not be quite as popular as my name Michelle. My mom’s poodle was named Michelle, so I don’t think when she had me she thought oh a poodle, I think she really liked the name.

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Posted at 11:22 AM on October 30, 2012  

Okay so Stephanie Meyers’/Twilight followers and notice the word followers and not fans will probably think Renesmee is a good name but lets remember that these people are between the ages of 12 and19 who hopefully do not have their own children yet. To a young person anything different and trendy sounds good so look out for Renesmee on children of teen parents. There is a reason Twilight followers are called Twi-Hards because they are Trying too hard to be like Bella and have her fantasy life. I believe that had Stephanie named the child Vampirella we’d have the same situation these Twilight names are so popular. Before Twilight I’d never Rosalie yet the amount of little girls getting this name is amazing so if the Twi-Hards want themselves a unique Twilight name then I’d go with Rosalie. At least it’s a real name and not something made up that even the author of the book is against as a legitamate name.

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