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'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Jenna Goes Public, While 'A' Turns To Drugs

Tue, July 10, 2012 9:31pm EDT by Andy Swift 17 Comments
Pretty Little Liars 305

I always knew ‘A’ was twisted, but even I couldn’t have predicted chemical warfare. Always double check your drinks, girls!

Science really can do some amazing things these days. Not only did Jenna (Tammin Sursok) regain her sight, but as we saw on the July 10 episode of Pretty Little Liars, she also gained the ability to throw a bitchin’ party! Of course, like all big events in Rosewood, her birthday celebration quickly took “A” tragic turn.

M.I.A. from the party was Hanna (Ashley Benson), who was forced to volunteer at a church clothing drive with her mom. And while Ashley (Laura Leighton) shared her cookies with a handsome stranger — I always figured she’d be loose with her baked goods — her daughter stumbled on one of “A”‘s little surprises: a jacket Emily (Shay Mitchell) wore the night Alison’s body went missing! But how did it get there? When did Emily take it off? And who else did Emily run into that night?

Unfortunately Emily doesn’t have any of those answers, because it turns out she was drugged that night! The drug resurfaced at Jenna’s party, this time in Paige’s (Lindsey Shaw) drink, and it wasn’t long before homegirl was bleeding out on the dance floor. While waiting in the emergency room, Nate grilled Emily about the nature of her relationship with Paige — and I couldn’t help but feel like his questions were all suspiciously pointed. Could he have some feelings for his dead cousin’s ex? (Wow, that was a complicated sentence.)

After an uncomfortably tense run-in with Lucas (Brendan Robinson), Aria (Lucy Hale) emptied out his camera bag and found — dun, dun, dun — the same pills that had been slipped in Emily and Paige’s respective drinks! I hope she discusses her discovery with Ezra (Ian Harding) as soon as he’s out of the shower. … Great, now I’m thinking about Ezra in the shower. As are you.

Meanwhile, Queen Spencer (Troian Bellisario) also did a little detective work at the hospital — and she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She paid a visit to Garrett’s (Yani Gellman) comatose mother and discovered a note that read “April Rose has the proof.” If you’re wondering who April Rose is, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Looks like we’ve got some new mysteries to solve: Who is ‘April Rose’? Was she the ‘other’ person with Emily the night Alison’s body went missing? And why aren’t people making a bigger deal about Jenna suddenly being able to see? (Oh, people of Rosewood. Nothing surprises you anymore.) Drop me a comment with your theories!

— Andy Swift

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