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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Another Enemy Discovers Scott's Big Secret

Tue, June 19, 2012 12:01am EDT by Andy Swift 15 Comments

Plus, we have new clues about the identity of the lizard creature! Who’s ready to play detective?

I was wondering when Allison’s (Crystal Reed) grandpa was finally going to figure out Scott’s (Tyler Posey) hairy surprise, but I have to admit, the revelation happened sooner than I thought — and there was way more stabbing involved. Grandpappy Argent confronted Scott on the June 18 episode of Teen Wolf, demanding his help in exchange for not killing his mom. Because grandparents are cute like that.

Of course, that maniacal geriatric wasn’t the only threat facing Scott and the gang this week. They also had an impromptu pool party with the lizard creature, where they learned it’s afraid of two things: water and its own reflection. For more info., Scott got his hands on the Argent family bestiary — not to be confused with bestiality, which is what Scott and Allison commit every time they have sex — and I have a feeling the revelations have only just begun.

It also looks like we’re back to square one on the whole “Is Jackson (Colton Haynes) Still Human” debate. Upon further examination, Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) discovered that Jackson’s little home movie was actually on a two-hour loop. So while it looked like Jackson was merely lying in bed all night, there’s no telling what he could have been up to.

(Follow-up question: Is the MTV store selling copies of that tape? Because I’d like to — I mean “a friend” would like to — get his hands on one. For research purposes.)

But Jackson’s humanity isn’t the only one still being called into question. Beacon Hills’ resident basket case Lydia (Holland Roden) woke up bleeding with a smashed mirror, and even a trip to the new guidance counselor — Bianca Lawson finally played an adult, you guys — couldn’t sort out her thoughts. At least her emotional wreckage gave Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) another excuse to be adorable. Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t melt when he told her she looks beautiful when she cries!

Now for some really bad news: Scott’s got some competition coming his way! Matt (Stephen Lunsford) was creepin’ it up real nicely during the lacrosse game by taking pictures of Allison. He likes what he sees, and given the events of this week’s twist ending, I’m wondering how long Scott and Allison can actually maintain a (secret) relationship.

I’d now like to give a special shout out to “Coach” (Orny Adams), who reached new levels of professionalism this week by throwing a disoriented Danny back into the game (“How many fingers am I holding up? … Say two!”) and by pulling Boyd (Sinqua Walls) out of the stands to join his team. Considering his general disregard for his players’ well-being, I’m thinking he and Jerry Sandusky would make a phenomenal coaching team.

I’d ALSO like to give a shout out to Teen Wolf‘s wardrobe department for singlehandedly keeping the tanktop industry afloat. I don’t know if we ever knew that mechanic’s name in this week’s opening scene, but by God, I will never forget him.

So… your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Are you more convinced than ever that Lydia is the lizard creature, or is Jackson now high up on your list as well? Drop a comment with your best theories.

— Andy Swift

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