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Dan Is Stupid For Choosing Blair Over Rome On 'Gossip Girl'

Tue, May 1, 2012 5:23pm EDT by 7 Comments

Poor Lonely Boy! This summer he’s going to be stuck with without a girlfriend — and without a future!

If Dan (Penn Badgley) had his head screwed on straight, he wouldn’t have said “no” to a once-in-a-lifetime chance to write in Rome for the summer. I don’t think Rufus (Matthew Settle) is going to be happy when he hears about this one.

In case you aren’t up to speed, Gossipers, Dan was asked to go to travel to Rome on a prestigious writing fellowship on the April 30 episode of Gossip Girl. When he asked Blair (Leighton Meester) what she thought, she of course encouraged him to go. It’s not like he was going to be gone for a year — it was just three months!

But ultimately he decided that his relationship with Blair was more important and turned it down. And to top it off, he LIED to Blair and told her that he’s not going anymore because they decided to go with another candidate.

Lonely Boy, you are about to live up to your Upper East Side nickname VERY soon.

If the situation was reversed, Blair wouldn’t have even thought twice about leaving Dan for the summer! And not because she doesn’t love him, but because she knows that sometimes in a relationship it’s important to do what’s right for you and your future — not the relationship. Blair knows the right relationship can survive the distance.

Dan and Blair are very young. And Dan not taking this opportunity because of Blair — who didn’t even say “I love you” back — was pure stupidity. This may end up being the biggest regret of Dan’s life!

You all know I’m very pro Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Dan as character. I just don’t like him with Blair. So I’m not saying this because I don’t like Dan — I’m saying this because Dan needed to think about himself for once and do what’s best for HIS future!

Don’t you agree, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Dan should have said “yes” to the fellowship in Rome? Vote and weigh in below.

You know you love me,

Xo Xo

Nicole Karlis

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